How to have the best 4th of July in Huntsville—professional firework shows + safety tips

Approved fireworks.
Have fun, but stay safe this 4th of July in Huntsville. (City of Huntsville)

If you want to have the best July 4th this year, here is a list of the best professional shows and safety tips to ensure you are safe and satisfied:

July 4th professional firework shows

Fireworks in the sky.
There are several options for 4th of July fireworks in Huntsville and the surrounding area. (Nathan Watson/Hville Blast)

These professional firework shows are the best way to fully enjoy fireworks while also providing a safe way to do so:

  • June 24: Fourth of July Celebration at Ditto Landing
  • June 26: Concerts in the Park at Big Spring Park
  • July 1: Fourth of July Celebration at MidCity
  • July 3: Fourth of July Event at Hampton House
  • July 4: Fourth of July Celebration in Providence

Firework safety tips

Safety first!
This 4th of July in Huntsville, make sure to be safe around fireworks. (City of Huntsville)

If you want to light off your own fireworks with the family, here are some important safety tips you need to know:

  1. Always have a water source nearby.
  2. Never point fireworks at another person or pet.
  3. Always wear nonflammable safety equipment.
  4. Never relight a firework.
  5. Children should Never be allowed to ignite or play with fireworks.
  6. Stay sober when using fireworks.

With all of this information in mind, you will have the best 4th of July in Huntsville this year.

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