Huntsville Ballet shines with this unique show inspired by a local jeweler

Huntsville ballet
A moment from “Amore” at the Huntsville Ballet. (Huntsville Ballet)

The Huntsville Ballet will open its 60th season with “HBC Unplugged” on October 27 and put on several performances throughout the weekend. “HBC Unplugged” will feature two shows: “Amore” and “Peter & the Wolf,” one of which includes a Huntsville inspired story.

“Amore” + its Huntsville connections

huntsville ballet
The Huntsville Ballet will return for its 60th season this month. (Huntsville Ballet)

Artistic director for the Huntsville Ballet, Phillip Otto, commissioned local composer Jackson Love to write the score for “Amore” in 2019. Both the score and ballet were inspired by Huntsville artist Kathy Chan.

Chan created an award winning necklace, which she named “Amore,” in 1986. The strand of pearls featured 197 carats of blue topaz pierced by a diamond arrow. Love will perform the “Amore” score live at each “HBC Unplugged” performance.

New choreography from the Huntsville Ballet

Huntsville ballet
Peter & the Wolf at the Huntsville Ballet. (Huntsville Ballet)

In addition to performances of “Amore” and “Peter & the Wolf,” Huntsville Ballet outreach director Cathy Curry will debut a new piece of choreography, “Rebellious Birds.” “Concerto” will also be performed to the Allegro movement of Bach’s Piano Concerto No 1 in D Minor, according to the Huntsville Ballet.

“HBC Unplugged” performances will conclude with the opportunity to meet and greet with the dancers and directors.

  • Where: The Dream Theater
  • When: Fri., Oct. 27 at 7PM; Sat., Oct. 28 at 2PM and 7PM; Sun., Oct. 29 at 3PM.
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