Huntsville firm awarded new $8 billion FBI contract

MartinFed of Huntsville has been awarded a huge FBI IT contract. (Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash)

Huntsville-based MartinFed Consulting just received a huge $8 billion contract with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The contract establishes an exclusive vendor pool for sourcing essential IT services to the Department of Justice over the next eight years.

More on this FBI contract

MartinFed’d FBI contract is for 8 years. (Photo by David Trinks on Unsplash)

MartinFed’s contract is a Blanket Purchasing Agreement (BPA) under the Federal IT Supplies and Support Services 2nd Generation (ITSSS-2) contract vehicle. 

In simpler terms, when the Bureau and the rest of the Department of Justice needs IT service, they’re going to go to MartinFed.

“We have a diverse team of partners and stand ready to support the FBI, DOJ, and the Federal Law Enforcement community. Our vision is to make a meaningful impact on the safety and security of our nation, and this contract win is evidence of our entire team’s focus on making that vision a reality.”

David Mathis, president and CEO of MartinFed

What the new contract means for MartinFed

FBI Police K9” by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is licensed under CC PDM 1.0

This contract now allows MartinFed to expand IT services, cyber solutions, enterprise security operations and software and business applications development will allow MartinFed to the broader Federal Law Enforcement community.

“Earning a position as a BPA holder on the ITSSS-2 contract vehicle is key to our growth objectives in expanding our Cyber and IT Services and Solutions to the FBI and DOJ. As a Huntsville-based company, it’s especially exciting to support the FBI and its global mission given its continued investment in the Huntsville community.”

Ted Martin, executive vice president of Federal Solutions for MartinFed

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