Huntsville firm inks new deal with Pryor Field Regional Airport

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Pryor Field Regional Airport has entered into a contract with Huntsville’s Acquisition Integration. (Pryor Field Regional Airport)

A Huntsville business and Limestone County’s Pryor Field Regional Airport have entered into an agreement, as the airport inked a 25-year lease with a 10-year option with Acquisition Integration.

Here’s what we know about this business connection:

What Acquisition Integration will do for Pryor Field Regional Airport

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Huntsville’s Acquisition Integration will handle the maintenance, repair and overhaul at the airport. (Pryor Field Regional Airport via Facebook)

According to a news release from the airport, at its board meeting on April 11, the Pryor Field Airport Authority Board approved the 25-year lease with a 10-year option with Acquisition Integration for a maintenance, repair and overhaul operation at the airport.

Based in Huntsville, Acquisition Integration is a distribution, logistics and services company serving the commercial and military aerospace and vehicles industries.

AI has also developed a four-phase plan to build 170,000 square feet of hangar and office space, investing nearly $30 million and creating approximately 250 jobs.

“Acquisition Integration is happy to be involved in the long-term plans at Pryor Field. We look forward to bringing a capability to Pryor Field that will benefit both the aviation world and the local workforce. We believe that it will support the expected growth in North Alabama, and thank the local community for its support in helping us build this capability.”

Acquisition Integration CEO Dave Bristol

Goodwyn Mills Cawood, Pryor Field’s airport engineer and planning consultant, recently worked with the Airport Authority to develop an airport master plan, which provided a plan to separate corporate/transient and cargo operations from general aviation operations. This plan allowed the airport to allocate nearly 85 acres of existing airport property for MRO, like that being developed by AI.

The Airport Authority is working with GMC on several other projects to support AI’s MRO operations, as well as future developments on this property designated for long-term ground lease opportunities.

What’s new at the airport

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AI has developed a four-phase plan to build 170,000 square feet of hangar and office space. (Pryor Field Regional Airport)

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs recently awarded grant funding to the Limestone County Commission for sanitary sewer upgrades at Pryor Field Airport to support the expansion of operations.

The funding will be in the form of a Community Development Block Grant in the amount of $1 million and an Appalachian Regional Commission grant utilizing Southern Appalachian Automotive and Aviation Workforce funds in the amount of $1 million — for a total investment of $2 million toward the project.

Each entity is helping to match the grant funds from ADECA with a $119,000 to bring this much-needed utility to the southeast side of the airport. The Limestone County Commission also has plans in the works to pave Airport Road to support the AI project.

In addition, the Airport is working to secure grant funding for a new taxiway project, as well as funding for other projects identified through development of the airport master plan.

“We all are excited for Acquisition Integration to join us at the airport. We have worked hard, and strategically, to market and grow the airport, and I’m proud that Pryor Field is in the position to capture these growth opportunities.”

Adam Fox, Pryor Field Airport manager
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A layout of the new plan at the airport in Tanner. (Goodwyn Mills & Cawood)

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