Huntsville will see a new skatepark in town beginning in 2023

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Huntsville’s new Get-A-Way Skatepark will be completed by summer 2023. (City of Huntsville)

Huntsvillians will get a new skate park next year at John Hunt Park. This particular project, however, carries with it a bit of nostalgia.

More than 40 years after the original Get-A-Way Skatepark opened at 3058 Leeman Ferry Road, this version of the Get-A-Way Skatepark has been described by city officials as a “perfect mix of nostalgia and innovation.”

New skatepark getting some celebrity attention

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Professional skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has given his public support of the new skatepark in Huntsville. (The Skatepark Project via Facebook)

Florida-based Team Pain Skate Parks, which is designing and overseeing the construction of the 52,000-square-foot skatepark, was in Huntsville last week to meet with other collaborators, stakeholders and the public about the progress of the park.

The skatepark is a private-public project. The Community Foundation is overseeing fundraising after receiving a $1 million anonymous donation to kickstart the initiative. The project also received a $10,000 grant from The Skatepark Project, a national skateboarding advocacy group founded by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. Representatives from TSP were also in town to learn more about the project.

“It’s exciting to see some of the original elements in the new plans, so we can share how it felt riding those revolutionary parks as young adults with a new generation. We hope to see more cities following the lead that Huntsville is setting.”

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk

An account has been established to continue fundraising to support the total cost of the project, expected to be about $6.3 million.

Details on the new skatepark

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Huntsville’s new skatepark at John Hunt Park will cover three acres. (City of Huntsville)

Team Pain’s new design will feature a clover bowl, a snake run with depths ranging from three to 10 feet, and a 3/4 pipe, along with a street plaza. This will be built across three acres at John Hunt Park, and will include supporting facilities such as restrooms, pavilions, sunshades, lighting, landscaping and expanded parking.

Today’s Get-A-Way Skatepark is inspired by the 1978 Get-A-Way Skatepark.

1978’s Get-A-Way Skatepark, created from the design inspiration of the Atlanta professional skateboarder Bill Underwood, was a revolutionary balance of function and fashion. Underwood dreamed of a skatepark that offered features challenging to skaters of any style and skill level. His design made Huntsville a model of futuristic skatepark environments that skatepark designers and builders are still inspired by today.

“Skateboarding continues to grow in popularity and is a sport the community has long wanted to see in John Hunt Park. We’ve been holding a space in the park for skaters, and thanks to the generosity of a local donor we’re able to start moving forward on a project this year.”

Mayor Tommy Battle

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