2 Huntsville residents are drum majors for the amazing “Million Dollar Band”

Million Dollar Band
Making Alabama proud since 1912. (“Million Dollar Band” by rmanoske is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Two Huntsville natives have been selected as drum majors for The University of Alabama’s (UA) Million Dollar Band. Huntsville High School graduate Ansley Boles and Sparkman High School graduate Isaiah Vasquez both worked very hard to reach this goal, each having gained experience throughout their respective high school careers.

The Million Dollar Band was formed over 100 years ago and is UA’s largest student organization.

An exciting feat for both students

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Roll Tide! (“Bryant-Denny Stadium, University of Alabama” by brian_esquire is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

As you might imagine, practicing music for long hours in a heavy uniform can be an exhausting challenge for anyone. With Boles’ and Vasquez’s involvement in leadership, however, anything is possible.

“Remember the hype, remember why you signed the dotted line. Get through the hard parts, so you can get to the awesome!”

Ansley Boles, in conversation with WAAY-31

One might think the marching band is the main event, but they rely on four drum majors to keep tempo and perform in an organized fashion. With all members considered, the band truly works as one complex machine with the spotlight on everyone.

“When a freshman makes a mistake, they can fix it real quick. When I make a mistake, we have to do the rep all over again. That’s a little nerve-racking.”

Isaiah Vasquez, in conversation with WAAY-31

This is an amazing opportunity for Boles and Vasquez, and we’re excited to see a piece of the Rocket City represented in the Million Dollar Band.

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