Huntsville’s most impressive architecture β€” 4 buildings that make the city stand out

Burritt on the Mountain
Where nature meets the man-made. (Burritt on the Mountain / Facebook)

One of my favorite things about Huntsville is its beautiful architecture and rich history. I found it difficult to narrow down my personal favorites to a short list, so I called on our Instagram followers to send in their suggestions.

Read on and discover a handful of breathtaking buildings in Huntsville and the history that built them.

1. Episcopal Church of the Nativity

church of the nativity episcopal
A marvelous structure that’s hard to miss. (Curtis Venetta / Hville Blast)

Built in 1859, Huntsville’s Episcopal Church of the Nativity was designed by Frank Wills and Henry C. Dudley in the Gothic Revival style. Its specific Middle Pointed style was inspired by 14th century English architecture.

You can find this gorgeous church as you enter the Twickenham district downtown from Eustis Avenue.

2. Times Building

times building architecture
Up and up! (

The 12-story Times Building in Huntsville was built in 1926 by R. H. Hunt Company in Art Deco style. The Huntsville Times occupied this building for nearly 28 years before being home to radio stations WLRH and Star 99.1 until the late 80s. Today, the building is mainly used for office space.

3. First Baptist Church

first baptist church
Did you know the bell tower is meant to be rocket-shaped? (Caroline Swope /

First Baptist Church was built in 1962 by Lawrence S. Whitten and Son, its famous mosaic designed by Gordon W. Smith over the course of seven years. During its construction, the steel and aluminum bell tower was the tallest prefabricated church steeple in the world.

After undergoing a number of both minor and major renovations since its construction, First Baptist Church remains one of Huntsville’s best recognized landmarks.

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4. William Burritt Mansion

burritt on the mountain
Two elegant Doric columns welcome you inside. (

This spot is a marvelous highlight of the open-air museum known as Burritt on the Mountain. William Burritt and Edgar Love designed the mansion, which has Classical Revival influences, and was built in 1938.

Featuring a conservatory, a spiral staircase and an observatory room, William Burritt’s Mansion is a must-see for anyone whose interest is peaked by Huntsville’s history and architecture.

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