Rolling Stone Magazine features The Orion Amphitheater

orion amphitheater
Rock out this fall. (Josh Weichman / Orion Amphitheater / Facebook)

Huntsville’s very own Orion Amphitheater was just recognized for “rethinking the amphitheater experience” by Rolling Stone Magazine. Keep reading to see what the legendary publication had to say.

A world-class venue

Orion Rolling Stone
Big time. (Orion Amphitheater / Facebook)

According to the article, “‘Rocket City’ shoots for the stars with the new Orion Amphitheater, a multi-use venue with colosseum vibes.” We think so too. 

Jon Freeman of Rolling Stone wrote that the “world-class outdoor venue” exceeds expectations and operates differently than the majority of amphitheaters in this country.

An exciting future for Orion

august events orion
See a show you won’t forget. (Orion Amphitheater / Facebook)

The feature highlighted that the venue was created with the idea of community in mind, something that reflects the nature of Huntsville and the kind of city it strives to be. 

In a city of quick-paced growth like Huntsville, the music scene has to keep up. That’s exactly what Ben Lovett—CEO of Huntsville Venue Group, who operates the Orion—had in mind during the design and planning phase of the amphitheater. 

The Orion has an exciting lineup teed up for upcoming months. Here are a few shows we can’t wait to see:

Praises for The Rocket City

DowntownHuntsville 2
We think Huntsville is pretty great, too. (Hville Blast)

Lovett told Rolling Stone about the magic that is Huntsville. 

“In Huntsville, there’s something magical about how they get things done. It probably feels a little bit on the nose, but the rocket program and everything they’ve done with NASA, that gives them the self-confidence to do things that other people don’t do.”

-Ben Lovett for Rolling Stone 

Read the full story for more about our amazing Orion Amphitheater. 

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