Huntsville’s 1st ever Ground Dog Day produces a mixed review for spring’s arrival

ground dog day
Out with the hogs, in with the dogs. (Huntsville Animal Shelter)

Huntsville Animal Services (HAS) hosted its first Ground Dog Day, a spinoff from Groundhog Day, on February 2. The shelter dog, Cosmo, was presented with two choices: a late winter kibble bowl and an early spring bowl. Keep reading to find out how this pup predicted our weather.

Ground Dog Day

BIg Spring Park
Will spring be early at Big Spring Park? (Hville Blast)

Just like the groundhog in Pennsylvania that predicts the arrival of spring, the shelter dog Cosmo does the same. But instead of relying on finding his shadow, like the groundhog, Cosmo uses a skill iconic to most dogs—his nose!

Two bowls of kibble were placed in front of him, one labeled as early spring and the other as late winter. Essentially, whichever bowl he would eat from would become his answer. Cosmo was accompanied by Mayor Tommy Battle and Huntsville Animal Services Director Dr. Karen Sheppard during this special moment.

His prediction

ground dog day prediction
Cosmo is chowing down on the early spring kibble. (Huntsville Animal Shelter)

As the honored guest, the mayor got to walk Cosmo forward to make his much-awaited prediction. Drumroll, please. Cosmo approached the “Late Winter” food bowl first. But wait, there’s more! The pup suddenly stopped, then moved to eat from the “Early Spring” bowl.

What do you think, Huntsville? Maybe we’ll see a little bit more cold fronts as spring arrives. Who knows really—well except maybe Cosmo.

Don’t forget to adopt. There are so many lovable dogs like Cosmo, who are available for a forever home. Check out ways you can adopt here in the Rocket City:

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