9 authentic spots to find international food in Huntsville

Greens, chicken, flavors and more. (Neon Lilly)

Huntsville might be known for having a plethora of authentic German food, but we have tons of other international options. From Jamaica to Nigeria, we gathered some of the best restaurants for you to try.

1. Punta Cana Caribbean

You don’t need to fly to get a taste of the islands right here in Huntsville. At Punta Cana, you can get delectable yuuca as a side and authentically made patacon. It’s food that brings people together.

2. M & K Jamaican

If you’re in the mood for something that resonates with your soul, visit M & K Jamaican. They also offer a vegan menu with some of the tastiest dishes around.

3. Neon Lilly

Golabki from Poland. (Neon Lilly)

For Eurasian food such as Armenian ground turkey or Ukrainian Boston butts, make your way down to Neon Lilly. Located at Bridge Street, this is the perfect spot for an afternoon excursion.

4. Pofta Buna International

Take a mini trip to Romania by just meandering your way to the little restaurant in Lowe Mill known as Pofta Buna. You can find savory and sweet crepes, even schnitzel.

5. Jamos Cafe

For vegetarian Middle Eastern food, find yourself at Jamos cafe. There are plenty of opinions for everyone in the fam such as kabobs, gyros and burgers.

6. Oasis Jerk Center

To get your Jamaican soul food fix, head to Oasis Jerk Center. When it comes to Jerk seasoning, you have options here. You can choose from wings to pork to chicken. Go on and take a bite.

7. Ike’s Kitchen

For African food, make your way to Ike’s Kitchen. They specialize in making delicious dishes such as asun, a popular spicy goat meat Nigerian dish.

8. Mexibbean Island Grill

If you haven’t yet, try Jamiacian Style Oxtail at Mexibbean Island Grill. They’re always sizzlin’ something tasty.

9. Island Jerk

Everyone knows when you go to Island Jerk you get the jerk chicken, but my personal fav would be the curry. Don’t sleep on these dishes—they’re as authentic as they are tasty.

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