Jobs in Huntsville – more than 13K listings in the area

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There are plenty of jobs in Huntsville listed this week – more than 13,000. (Nathan Watson / Hville Blast)

We have written often about the growth in Huntsville lately, and when more people move to a new city, there must be jobs for those folks. Well, according to, jobs in Huntsville are plentiful, with more than 13,000 listed in the Huntsville area.

The health care industry is is dire need of employees as the city continues to grow, as the Huntsville Hospital system again leads the way as far as employers wit the most job openings. Check out who all is hiring this week:

Huntsville Hospital has nearly 1,000 job openings

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Healthcare jobs in Huntsville are plentiful, as Huntsville Hospital has nearly 1,000 openings. (Michael Seale / Hville Blast)

As we mentioned, healthcare jobs are in high demand in Huntsville, with Huntsville Hospital, Crestwood Medical Center and Wellstone Behavioral Health among the employers with the most job listings this week.

Here are the 10 local employers with the most openings, according to

Retail, hospitality, food services jobs in Huntsville

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Kroger is among the employers in Huntsville with dozens of jobs open. (Kroger via Facebook)

Other employers hiring for jobs in Huntsville include Burger King (70 jobs), Kroger (67 jobs) and Autozone (65 jobs), which also shows a need for retail and food services employees in Huntsville.

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