Ghost Hunting In Huntsville: Join the Southern Ghost Girls’ tour of the Lowry House

The Southern Ghost Girls, led by founder Lesley Ann Hyde (center) have been investigating paranormal activity for years, and have appeared on multiple television programs on ghost hunting. (Southern Ghost Girls via Facebook)

Among the most legendary haunted spots in Alabama is the historic Lowry House in Huntsville, a home built in 1850 and restored in 1998, which is the subject of a “ghost tour” March 25 hosted by the Southern Ghost Girls March 25. 

Join in on a real paranormal investigation with the Southern Ghost Girls

The historic Lowry House in Huntsville has been the site of multiple supposed ghost sightings. (Southern Ghost Girls via Facebook)

Not only will the Southern Ghost Girls take a look at the Lowry House, but people who want to tag along can do so. The 2022 March Madness Ghost Hunt, Tour and Interactive Paranormal Investigation gives the public the chance to participate in a real interactive paranormal investigation.

The tour allows people to join television personality, paranormal investigator and psychic medium Lesley Ann Hyde as she leads her team in an investigation of the Lowry House and grounds where people can join the Investigation.

“You will be provided equipment and led by different members of our team. One of the most significant homes in Alabama to have a Civil War history, the home holds a sad love story that ended in tragedy for the occupants in the home which led to the lady in white apparition that’s been seen many times in the upper front bedroom.”

Lesley Ann Hyde, founder, Southern Ghost Girls

Is the Lowry House really haunted?

The Lowry House has been the site of multiple ghost sightings and supposed paranormal activity. (Southern Ghost Girls via Facebook)

Built before the Civil War, the Lowry House part of the Underground Railroad, and Hyde says the home has been the site of “many sightings and noises in the house that could be the spirits of those desperate souls.” In fact, Hyde says a full-bodied apparition was seen in the kitchen. Other strange things have happened and it is said there are several bodies buried on the grounds of the property in unmarked graves.

The 3,000-square-foot Italianate-Federal style home was purchased by Louie and Jane Tippett in 1998. After an extensive four-year restoration process, The Lowry House was restored to its original beauty, and placed on The National Register of Historical Places.

The Lowry House has become a popular haunt for paranormal investigators who believe otherworldly spirits live within its walls.Caretakers have experienced unexplained incidents, but they’ve all been positive, apparently.

How to join in on the investigation

The Southern Ghost Girls will lead ticket-holders on a true paranormal investigation of the Lowry House March 25. (Southern Ghost Girls via Facebook)

For more information on the tour and ghost investigation, contact Lesley Ann Hyde at

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