July health score honor roll includes Tenders, Peggy Ann Bakery + more

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The July health score honor roll includes Peggy Ann Bakery in Huntsville. (Peggy Ann Bakery via Facebook)

The Madison County Health Department inspected more than 150 eating establishments in July, including restaurants, schools, nursing homes, daycare centers, hospitals, grocery stores and concession stands — although we have only included brick and mortar restaurants that are open to the general public here on our honor roll.

As a public service, Hville Blast will report monthly Madison County Health Department restaurant scores, featuring those eateries that scored a 95 or better on their inspection.

Here is who made the honor roll in June of 2022:

Peggy Ann Bakery – 99

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Peggy Ann Bakery scored a 99 on its July health inspection. (Peggy Ann Bakery via Huntsville)

For more than 60 years, Peggy Ann Bakery has been part of the Huntsville culinary scene. Located at 831-A Regal Dr., Huntsville, AL 35801, the bakery offers sweet treats and fresh baked breads, cakes and more.

Tenders – 99

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Tenders, a Huntsville favorite, is on July’s health department honor roll. (Tenders via Facebook)

A Huntsville favorite, Tenders (800 Holmes Ave, Huntsville, AL 35801) is one of the busiest restaurants in Five Points. The chicken finger joint scored a 99 on its most recent health inspection.

Bark & Barrel BBQ – 99

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Located at The Stovehouse, Bark & Barrell BBQ scored a 99 on its July health inspection. (Bark & Barrell via Facebook)

A madison favorite that has now moved to The Stoveouse in Huntsville, Bark and Barrell BBQ scored a 99 from the Madison County Health Department this month.

You can find the delicious barbecue, wings, ribs and more at Bark & Barrell by visiting The Stovehouse.

Here’s who else made the honor roll in July

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Sam & Gregs’s pizza restaurant in downtown Huntsville received a 98 health score in July. (Michael Seale / Hville Blast)

Several more local restaurants received a health score of 95 or above in July, including:

These food service inspections are invaluable and help keep us all safe. It is our right to know. Check the Madison County Health Department website for complete scores

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