Land Trust of North Alabama announces 2 new land acquisitions in Tennessee Valley

land trust of north alabama
A new vision. (Land Trust of North Alabama)

In late 2021, the Last Trust of North Alabama added two new properties to their inventory of protected space. Located in Limestone County and Meridianville, the acquisition of these properties will help protect the diverse plant and animal life in the Tennessee Valley for generations to come. Keep reading to learn more. 

About Land Trust of North Alabama

monte sano trail
A trail from Monte Sano. (Huntsville Adventurer)

Founded in 1987, the Land Trust of North Alabama’s first mission was to help save the western front of Monte Sano, a mountain overlooking Huntsville. Now, Monte Sano is one of the largest urban nature preserves in the U.S. In addition to their work in Monte Sano, the Land Trust of North Alabama has been involved in several preservation projects, including:

We’re excited to see how the Land Trust of North Alabama continues their mission of preserving the beautiful natural sites in North Alabama—including the new properties in Meridianville and Limestone County. 

The 1st addition—Limestone County

active farm
An active part of the family farm. (Land Trust of North Alabama)

The first of these land acquisitions is a wetland in Limestone County located along Interstate 65. A portion of this land is a family farm, owned by John and Kathy Garrett, full of dynamic plants and wildlife.

To share their land for generations, the Garretts donated this specific land through a life estate. Esstenially, they will continue to work on their farm for the remainder of their lives, then possession of the property will transfer to the Land Trust.

In honor of the family’s contribution, this nature preserve will be known as the Garrett Refuge.

2nd addition—Merdianville

Looking south along the Brier Fork Creek
Part of Brier Fork Creek. (Land Trust of North Alabama)

The second addition was donated by David Butler of Dwarf Properties, Inc and is located in Merdianville, a small town north of Huntsville. The wooded floodplain is adjadcent to an existing Land Trust easement on the Brier Fork Creek.

The best part—this land has so much potential for a greenway trail alongside the creek. This would be an amazing addition to Huntsville’s diverse array of trials.

Are you ready to see what comes out of these land acquisitions? Let us know @HvilleBlast.

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