Another local brewery closing, making 3 in the last month

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Bowler Hat Brewing Co. in Madison is the third local brewery closing we have reported in recent weeks. (Bowler Hat Brewing via Facebook)

Bowler Hat Brewery in Madison is closing permanently this month, making it the third local brewer in just a couple of weeks time to close its doors.

Bowler Hat joins Huntsville’s Salty Nut Brewery and Fractal Brewing Project as local craft beer makers to announce a closing. Here’s what we know:

Bowler Hat Brewery closing

Bowler Hat Brewing Company, located at 7429 Hwy 72 W, Unit C, Madison, AL, 35758, opened in 2020 and specialized in small-batch craft beers with some of the best seasonal brews in town.

Owners Matt and Anne Murphy made the announcement of the local brewery closing via Facebook Tuesday, saying the last day of operations would be August 11.

Another local brewery closing signals a disappointing trend

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Three local breweries in the last few weeks have announced they are closing. (Bowler Hat via Facebook)

As we reported last week, Salty Nut Brewery and Fractal Brewing Project in Huntsville closed at the end of the month, which makes this a disappointing trend, but one that industry experts say is not just limited to Huntsville area breweries.

In fact, one of the oldest craft breweries in the country, Anchor Brewing in California, closed in July, possibly symbolizing the struggle of the industry.

“Independent breweries have seen raw material, utility and energy costs rise across the board and without the economies of scale of the global companies many businesses have found it incredibly difficult to remain profitable, for many breweries the combined financial burden has proved too much and we have seen a number of closures over the last twelve months.”

Neil Walker, Society of Independent Brewers

We are hoping what has been a vibrant craft beer scene in the Rocket City is not further affected by this trend.

Hearing of a local brewery closing is always sad news, and these three aren’t the only craft breweries not to make it. Other breweries to close in the last few years include Blue Pants in Madison and Below the Radar.

The best way to combat this trend is to support your local breweries, like Straight to Ale, Yellowhammer, Rocket Republic, Mad Malts, Green Bus, Old Black Bear, Chandler’s Ford and Innerspace.

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