Magic Camp teaches the art of magic to Huntsville kids

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Rocket City Magic Camp takes place at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment July 27-30 (Alabama Academy of Magic/Steve Trash)

Who doesn’t love to watch a magician? And how cool would it be to learn those magic tricks yourself? Well, this summer in Huntsville, kids can learn the art of magic from the Alabama Academy of Magic at the Rocket City Magic Camp.

About the camp

Host: Steve Trash, veteran magician + illusionist

Who it’s for: 8-12 year olds

Dates: July 27-30

Location: Lowe Mill Arts, 2211 Seminole Drive Southwest

Cost: $300 per child


  • learning magic
  • playing games
  • watching magic shows
  • developing self-confidence
  • improving communication skills
  • + more

Register here.

Learning the art of magic is more than just an illusion

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Kids will watch magic shows, learn magic tricks, take home super-high-quality magic tricks, play hilarious games and improve self-confidence at Rocket City Magic Camp. (Alabama Academy of Magic/Steve Trash)

Trash said he believes learning the art of magic does more for kids than just teaching a unique skill and talent. The environment Trash said his camps provide helps kids with self-confidence, social interaction and understanding direction and analysis.

“Magic has been with us since the beginning of time, but 21st century kids need magic more than ever. Magic builds self confidence, magic builds empathy, magic improves your communication skills. For a generation raised on screens, live, up-close, interpersonal magic is an amazing gift to children and to the world. You might say, it’s almost like… real magic!”

Steve Trash, Rocket City Magic Camp Program Director and Professional Illusionist 

Trash added that he often uses celebrated American author and screenwriter Ray Bradbury as an example of how learning the performance art of magic can open creative doors in young people that can help them for years to come.

“He was inspired through-out his life by magic and magic tricks,” Trash said of Bradbury. “He’s one of the most celebrated writers of the 20th-century, yet early in his life magic captured his imagination.  What if magic holds the key to releasing your child’s creativity and talent? It would be such a waste not to release that talent into the world.”

Meet the magic instructor behind the camp

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Steve Trash of the Alabama Academy of Magic has entertained over 25 million people since 1984.

Trash, who has been performing magic shows since 1984, has appeared in theaters, fairs, and festivals all over the world including Japan, Australia, Canada, Portugal, Spain and the UAE. As well, he has been seen on CBS, ESPN, CNBC, HLN and VH1.

An avid environmentalist, Trash was awarded the Environmental Educator of the Year Award in 2011 by EEAA. He’s a founding board member of Keep The Shoals Beautiful and is a lifetime member of the Alabama Association for Environmental Education. Serving as an eco-consultant, his brainstorming led to the creation of the “Recycle Cycle,” a mobile recycling edu-station, the Litter Champ trophy (a traveling trophy to promote school campus litter prevention), and the streamlining of N-Harmony With Nature, a waste-litter-free outdoor event program created by Judy Hood, Music Preservation Society and Keep The Shoals Beautiful.

In 2018 Trash created the national PBS kids science TV show, “Steve Trash Science.” in partnership with Alabama Public Television. This show is the first nationally distributed TV show in APTV’s 65 year history. Trash lives in Frog Pond, Ala.

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