Marathon Robotics opens new production facility in Huntsville

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Marathon Robotics opened its new facility in Huntsville this week. (Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce)

This week, Marathon Robotics cut the ribbon to its new robot production facility in Huntsville, celebrating its opening in Cummings Research Park Monday. This is the nation’s first autonomous ground robot production facility for military and police training.

This is a huge addition to the Huntsville business community and yet another important defense contractor calling Huntsville home.

Marathon Robotics

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These target robots are very advanced. (Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce)

According to a news release from Marathon Robotics, the new facility will support manufacturing of the company’s “Autonomous Robotic Training Systems.”

These ARTS consist of realistic mannequins mounted on armored, intelligent robots capable of safely operating on unimproved ranges in support of military and law enforcement.

The robots are amazingly advanced — they move independently, flinching or lying down when shot, and can even yell as they run for cover or charge toward the firing line — which helps training for armed forces and law enforcement.

“Marathon is helping our men and women in uniform to be more effective and prepared. Before Marathon, we asked the men and women of our armed forces to go to foreign lands and fight after having only shot at a piece of paper or simple pop-up targets.”

Rep. Dale Strong (R-AL)

An investment in the city

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The Marathon Robotics facility is located in Cummings Research Park. (Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce)

The Marathon Robotics facility is located at 4950 Gilmer Drive, NW, Suite B, Huntsville,  AL 35805.

Marathon’s news release states that their systems are already widely used by the Marines and by select Army, Navy, SOCOM and federal law enforcement customers, as well as partner nations on four continents.

This established demand makes Marathon a welcomed addition to the Huntsville business community.

“I want to thank Marathon for their investment in our city. This technology was a perfect candidate for the Alabama Robotic Technology Park, and now we’re proud they’ve chosen to expand in Huntsville’s Cummings Research Park. Marathon is a great example of how industry supports Redstone Arsenal, our economy and our armed forces.” 

Mayor Tommy Battle

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