Feb. 3 is National Carrot Cake Day—6 places to celebrate in Huntsville

jj's treats carrot cake
I’ll take the rest! (JJ’s Treats / Facebook)

Around this time of year, we’re looking forward to spring—warmer temperatures, local markets and fresh veggies…like carrots! Whoever decided that National Carrot Cake Day should be February 3 must have been thinking along those same lines.

For the celebratory day tomorrow, we’re highlighting six places in Huntsville where you can get carrot cake (in both classic and unusual forms!).

1. Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro

mason Dixon carrot cake
You had me at cream cheese frosting. (Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro / Facebook)

Mason Dixon’s gluten-free cakes have become well-known within the Huntsville community for a reason—they’re both delicious and accommodating to people’s dietary needs.

One of their staple cakes is the carrot cake, with three layers of warmly-spiced cake with cream cheese frosting enveloping it.

2. Baby Bite Bake Shop

baby bite bake shop carrot cake
Little bites of spring. (Baby Bite Bake Shop / Facebook)

Baby Bite Bake Shop’s cute little cakes are perfect for when you just want a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Their carrot cake bites are covered in cream cheese icing and topped with crushed pecans.

3. Regale Cupcakery

regale cupcakery
All kinds of creative cupcakes…including tomato soup! (Regale Cupcakery / Facebook)

Regale Cupcakery is known for their unique and fun flavor combos in both their cupcakes and coffee. One of their staple flavors is the Tomato Soup cupcake—a carrot cake base with white chocolate buttercream and a pinch of cinnamon on top. And yes, they do put tomato soup in it.

4. Canadian Bakin

Canadian bakin carrot cake coffee
An unlikely but delicious combo of caffeine and carrots. (Canadian Bakin / Facebook)

Leave it to the geniuses at Canadian Bakin to put all the flavors of carrot cake into a coffee. The Horse Girl Cold Brew features carrot cake syrup (made in house, of course) and a cream cheese cold foam. It’s a limited-edition find that made its appearance again last April, and we’re hoping they bring it back this year.

5. JJ’s Treats

jj's treats carrot cake
And now for the classic. (JJ’s Treats / Facebook)

Looking for something a little more classic? JJ’s Treats is your place. Their no-fuss carrot cake has moist layers of spiced cake without any nuts, slathered in buttercream.

6. City Cafe Diner

city cafe diner cakes
The case is always stocked with ginormous cakes. (City Cafe Diner / Facebook)

Any discussion about cake simply wouldn’t be complete with City Cafe Diner. Their cake case is always stocked with their huge cakes of all kinds—including carrot cake on certain days.

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