National Drink Wine Day–check out these 5 amazing Huntsville hotspots

Wine bottles in front of tree
Huntsville’s incredible wine shops are the best place to spend National Drink Wine Day. (Domaine South / Facebook

Cheers, Huntsville—National Drink Wine Day is this Saturday, February 18. This wine-centric holiday celebrates the health benefits, culture and history of fine vino. So whether you like red, white or rosé, you can find the perfect place to sip and relax on Saturday.

Church Street Wine Shoppe

Wine bottles on table for tasting at Church Street Wine Shoppe
If you like having lots of options, you’ll love Church Street’s varied wine list. (Church Street Wine Shoppe / Facebook)

Looking for a neighborhood wine shop with delicious tapas and charcuterie boards? Then Church Street Wine Shoppe is the perfect place for you. They guarantee you’ll leave with a smile on your face and a wine in your budget.

Domaine South

Wine slushy at Domaine South in Huntsville
The weather’s warming up, so it’s time to grab a wine cocktail at Domaine South for National Drink Wine Day! (Domaine South / Facebook)

Travel around the globe and taste the world’s wines at Domaine South in Huntsville. Along with showcasing a stellar international wine list, Domaine South also offers fun wine cocktails, speciality cheeses and intimate wine tastings.

The Wine Cellar

Wine glass at The Wine Cellar in Huntsville; Feb 18 is National Drink Wine Day
The Wine Cellar’s cozy atmosphere makes it the perfect place to sip and relax. (The Wine Cellar / Facebook)

Offering $5 glass specials every day, The Wine Cellar is an excellent place to celebrate National Drink Wine Day on a budget. They also don’t charge a corkage fee and have tastings every Wednesday.

Valentina’s Pizzeria and Wine Bar

Sample of the wine selection at Valentines; National Drink Wine Day is on February 18
Make sure to ask the bartender or your server about the best pizza and wine pairings. (Valentina’s Pizzeria and Wine Bar / Facebook)

In the past year, Valentina’s Pizzeria and Wine Bar has revamped its wine menu, now offering over 30 specialty bottles. And make sure to grab a hand-crafted pizza while you’re there—Valentina’s holds the Best Traditional Pizza in the World award.

Athens Alehouse and Cellar

Dog at Athens Alehouse and Cellar
Athens Alehouse and Cellar is a great place to bring your furry friend on National Drink Wine Day. (Athens Alehouse and Cellar / Facebook)

If you live around Athens, you can’t go wrong with spending National Drink Wine Day at Athens Alehouse and Cellar. You’ll love listening to live music from local artists and browsing their selection of wine, beer and slushies.

Want to learn more about Huntsville’s wine/beer/cocktail options? Check out these great locations:

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