7 unique Huntsville eats + drinks to celebrate National Peanut Butter Day

peanut butter phyllo cotton row
The crispy phyllo in the middle has peanut butter tucked inside. (Cotton Row / Facebook)

National Peanut Butter Day is January 24, and we’re gearing up for it with some of Huntsville’s most unique peanut butter creations.

If you’re a peanut butter lover (like we are), you’ll want to add all seven of these to your Huntsville must-try list.

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Phyllo at Cotton Row

It’s an award-winner for a reason. Cotton Row’s creation tucks peanut butter and jelly inside crispy golden phyllo dough for an upscale take on the nostalgic treat. Served with housemade chocolate ice cream, peanuts and a raspberry coulis, this one’s at the top of our list.

2. PB&Yay! Burger at ToyBox Bistro

toybox bistro burger
Peanut butter on a burger? It’s a menu staple at ToyBox Bistro. (ToyBox Bistro / Facebook)

Now for something savory. ToyBox Bistro is known for their playful menu with unexpected flavors—including their PB&Yay! Burger with peanut butter, ghost pepper cheese and bacon. It’s a burger that’s anything but plain.

3. Fat Elvis Cupcake at Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro

fat Elvis mason Dixon bakery
Peanut butter’s on top and inside. (Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro / Facebook)

This one may not look unique at first glance, but just wait until you take a bite. The brownie cupcake has a gluten-free Oreo-like cookie inside along with peanut butter, and it’s topped with a peanut butter frosting. It’s one of Mason Dixon’s most famous creations!

4. Peanut Butter Chocolate Time at Charlie Foster’s

peanut butter chocolate time Charlie foster's
The fresh, fruity base and the rich topping go perfectly together. (Charlie Foster’s / Facebook)

Charlie Foster’s is a go-to spot for lattes and cold brews, but if you haven’t tried their acai bowls, you’re missing out. The Peanut Butter Chocolate Time combines an acai base, crunchy honey granola, bananas, strawberries, Nutella and plenty of peanut butter for a sweet treat that’s basically good for you (right?).

5. Nutty by Nature at Pizelle’s

pizelle's nutty by nature
That’s half a dozen bites of bliss right there. (Pizelle’s Confections / Facebook)

If you’re looking for a beautiful bite of peanut butter goodness, look no further than Pizelle’s Confections. The Nutty by Nature has peanut butter and peanut praline ganache with a layer of marshmallow, all wrapped up in a shell made of dark chocolate.

6. Butter Finger Latte at Flint River Coffee Company

flint river coffee company
Let’s fill up all five mugs with Butter Finger Latte, shall we? (Flint River Coffee Company / Facebook)

Now for the drinks. We’ll start with a caffeinated one at Flint River Coffee Company—the Butter Finger Latte. It’s a peanut butter and butterscotch latte at one of the coziest coffee shops around.

7. Deece’s Pieces at Straight to Ale

straight to ale peanut butter beer
Complete with a Reese’s cup on the rim. (Straight to Ale Brewing / Facebook)

For something a little boozy, go to Straight to Ale for a peanut butter beer. The Deece’s Pieces is a peanut butter and chocolate-infused stout that makes our list feel complete.

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