New Airbus aircraft debuts in Huntsville making flying a Breeze

This is big news for HSV airport. (Breeze Airways / Facebook)

Thanks to Breeze Airways, Huntsville travelers will now be able to fly on a brand-new Airbus aircraft directly from Huntsville to Charleston, South Carolina and Tampa, Florida. Find out more about Breeze Airways and what this means for Rocket City.

New aircrafts coming to Huntsville International Airport

Book your flight from the HSV airport. (Miranda Shaffer / Hville Blast)

The City of Huntsville is one of the first cities in the nation that will have the opportunity to fly on the new Airbus aircrafts for Breeze Airways. The A220-300s aircrafts were built in Mobile and Breeze Airways plans to have 15 of them ready to fly by the end of the year.

Starting May 6, Huntsville travelers will be able to take a direct flight to Charleston or Tampa on the aircrafts. Introductory fairs are as low as $39 one way with their first class “Nicest fair” at $99 one way. This is also the debut of their “Nicest fair” option with first class seating along with a variety of bundled amenities. This fair is only available on the A220-300s Airbus aircrafts.

Passengers can also choose their standard “Nice fair” which is the equivalent of economy or “Nicer fair,” which has perks of first class with more leg food, complimentary beverages, etc.

The A220 aircrafts will feature the following:

  • Between 10-45 extra legroom seats
  • 80 standard legroom seats, all in a two-by-three configuration
  • 12-36 first class seats in a two-by-two configuration with a footrest for added comfort
  • Seats fitted with in-seat power and USB ports
  • Later this year, all A220-300 aircrafts will be outfitted with in-flight Wifi

What is Breeze Airways

aircraft in Huntsville
Fly in style with Breeze. (Breeze Airways / Facebook)

Breeze is a Salt Lake City based startup airline that began in May 2021. It is considered the country’s best funded start-up airline in history and already provides service between 16 cities across 13 states. It will expand to 18 cities and 14 states by the end of February.

A completely online operation, customers handle booking, changing, canceling and managing flights through the Breeze app. This is a self-service set up, but if you need assistance Breeze staff is there to help through text message, Facebook Messenger, and email. 

The self-service process is meant to create an easy, streamlined travel experience, and you don’t have to stress about having to contact them about canceling flights or getting credits either. At Breeze, there are no change or cancellation fees, even up to 15 minutes before departure. Bonus: flight credits don’t expire for 24 months.

Look forward to more flights with Breeze because this carrier has agreed to purchase 80 A220-300s, with one Airbus scheduled to be delivered each month for the next six and a half years. Many of the aircrafts will be used primarily for long-distance flights, including transcontinental service.

Great news for Huntsville

Huntsville International Airport (HSV) is already the largest airport in North Alabama, serving over a million customers each year. However, with the introduction of these new aircrafts the traffic will only grow. Not only is this the first city to experience these new crafts, as well as Breeze’s “Nicest fair,” but it’s direct flight path to both Charleston and Tampa will draw many travelers from surrounding cities.

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