A new barbecue store is coming to Madison this month

grill and smoke
They’re going to have everything you need for barbecue season. (Grill & Smoke BBQ Store)

It’s not everyday that you hear of a new barbecue supply store coming to town, so today must be special!

This month, Patrick Pearson is opening Grill & Smoke BBQ Store in Madison. Pearson has been competing in barbecue competitions for over 10 years, so he knows just what a store like this needs.

They’ll have everything you need for making your best barbecue

So, what exactly does a barbecue store entail? We’re glad you asked.

Grill & Smoke is going to have anything and everything you could ever need for making the best barbecue and hosting the best cookouts.

  • Custom grills and smokers
  • Signature barbecue sauces and dry rubs
  • High-quality charcoal and cooking woods

But the best part about the products at Grill & Smoke is that Pearson has the expertise to pick only the best.

Patrick Pearson has a long history with barbecuing

Patrick Pearson grill and smoke
The owner, Patrick Pearson, is bringing all his barbecue knowledge to his new store. (Grill & Smoke BBQ Store)

Patrick Pearson is an expert in this industry. When he started grilling, he just had a small grill and it would take him hours to get everything barbecued. So, he upgraded to a large grill.

As he started to get more experience in grilling for family and friends, he started participating in barbecue competitions.

He’s been participating in the Backyard Division for 12 years now, and has found some of the best products on the market in that time. Those are the products he’s putting in his new store, Grill & Smoke.

“My goal is to provide quality BBQ products and outstanding service to the backyard barbecue enthusiast, the competitor, the caterer and the restaurateur.”

Patrick Pearson, owner of Grill & Smoke BBQ Store

Pearson also plans to provide samples and demos, which is just another reason for us to be excited for its opening.

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