New electric vehicle charging stations coming to downtown parking garage

electric charging stations
Upgrades are coming. (City of Huntsville, Alabama / Facebook)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing a lot more electric vehicles around Huntsville lately.

All those EVs have to be charged, of course, and Huntsville’s making sure there’s enough charging stations around town to meet the demand. Downtown Huntsville’s about to be the newest spot to charge up.

The when, where and how much of the project

twickenham square
A beautiful street in a beautiful downtown. (Artisan Twickenham Square Apartments / Facebook)

Let’s get to the details of this project. Last week, the Huntsville City Council approved an agreement to bring DC fast chargers to the downtown municipal parking garage near Publix at 309 Pelham Avenue.

The agreement is with Seven States Power Corporation, which will manage the project. In total, it will cost a bit over $500,000, and the Tennessee Valley Authority will reimburse the majority of it (80% of the total cost). Huntsville Utilities will be responsible for the rest.

While we don’t have a guaranteed completion date, the City of Huntsville is estimating that the charging stations will be ready to power Huntsville this summer.

Charging stations already in Huntsville

electric vehicle charger bridge street
There’s several places around town that have EV charging stations. (Plugshare)

Until these new chargers open up, you’ve got plenty of options for charging up your electric vehicle right now in Huntsville.

Check out our list of 15 EV charging stations in Huntsville—including spots in many areas of Madison County from Athens to South Huntsville and everywhere in between.

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