New + improved Joe Davis Stadium ready for first HCFC home game

2023.04.18 Joe Davis Stadium Progress 37
The new renovations to Joe Davis Stadium will be ready for the first HCFC game May 19! (Huntsville City Football Club)

The anticipation of the re-opening of Huntsville’s Joe Davis Stadium has been high throughout the Rocket City, especially with the first official home game for the Huntsville City FC just over a week away on May 19!

You would not believe how this stadium has been transformed from a minor league baseball park to a pro soccer stadium (and more). This is so cool:

Welcome to the new Joe Davis Stadium

2023.04.18 Joe Davis Stadium Progress 64
Joe Davis Stadium is capable of hosting a variety of sports. (Huntsville City Football Club)

Earlier this week, Mayor Tommy Battle announced the upcoming opening of the new and improved “Joe” in a news conference, and said that not only will the new configuration of the stadium host the pro soccer team’s games, but can also be used for multiple sports and events.

“It’s a multipurpose stadium for soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse, maybe even field hockey at some point. So, we have a lot of great things that can happen here.”

Mayor Tommy Battle

Here are some of the features of the new version of The Joe:

  • Seating has been reduced from 10,000 to 6,000
  • Terrace seating has been built in the east end zone for fans to spread a blanket and watch the game
  • Bleachers built in what once was the Huntsville Stars outfield
  • A new synthetic turf field
  • LED Sports Lighting with Full Color Animation
  • A new restroom & concession building with expanded food service options
  • Renovated locker rooms
  • Officials locker rooms
  • Field-level boxes

Updating The Joe

2023.04.18 Joe Davis Stadium Progress 84
The renovations to Joe Davis Stadium began more than a year ago. (Huntsville City Football Club)

When the Huntsville Stars left the Rocket City for Biloxi in 2015, the future of their home stadium, Joe Davis Stadium, was called into question. The stadium, built in 1985, was state-of-the-art when it was opened, but nearly 40 years later, “The Joe” was in need of some changes.

PXL 20220325 162949099 scaled 1
This was Joe Davis Stadium in March of 2022. (Michael Seale/Hville Blast)

The remodeling project, which cost approximately $30 million, began in late 2021, before the announcement of the Huntsville City Football Club’s existence. The excitement surrounding not only the stadium itself but developments adjoining the stadium spread as the project came to fruition.

The first HCFC game is scheduled for May 19, and tickets are still available, so it would be worth heading to the newly renovated “Joe” to see all of these improvements for yourself!

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