New pizza spot opens in Lowe Mill

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Trevar Akins and John Jattuso are ready to serve up some delicious pizza this new pizza spot at Lowe Mill. (Trevar Akins)

We love our pizza here in Huntsville and there are several places in the Huntsville area to grab a pie, but if you have not tried the new Veloce Pizza at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, you are missing out.

Veloce opened last week and is already creating a buzz among the community. Here’s what to know:

Lowe Mill’s new pizza spot

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You need to try this new pizza spot at Lowe Mill. (Michael Seale/Hville Blast)

Veloce opened last week and, according to the restaurant’s Facebook page, they sold put of pizzas in about three hours.

“I’ve loved cooking my whole life. Pizza marries the science and the art of cooking. Its super simple, yet it’s instantly complex. It’s one of those things that appealed to me, to both my natures you could say.”

Trevar Akins, owner, Veloce Pizza

Good eats at Lowe Mill

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Lowe Mill is the kind of place you can spend all day visiting. (Hville Blast)

Lowe Mill is one of Huntsville’s gems, and a place where you can spend hours exploring and shopping. And if you are going to be there for an extended period of time (which you will), you’ll want to eat something.

Fortunately, Veloce Pizza joins a delicious list of eateries located in Lowe Mill:

  • Chef Will the Palate
  • Piper & Leaf
  • Suzy’s Pops
  • Pofta Buna
  • Dragon’s Forge Cafe
  • Rafael’s Table

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