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Looking to support local nonprofits in Huntsville that serves educational opportunities? Look no further—we gathered some of the most helpful services Huntsville has to offer.

1. North Alabama Arts Education Collaborative

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The North Alabama Arts Education Collaborative serves children in schools by providing school-based initiatives so kids can appreciate the arts through clubs and enrichment activities. As one of the nonprofits in Huntsville focused on arts, they strive to foster innovative thinking necessary for college and career readiness.

Check out what they do:

  • Students gain access to quality regional arts education.
  • Networking opportunities for teachers to arts organizations and teaching artists.
  • Professional development in arts education for teachers.
  • Creating engaging ways through art for students to perform better in the benchmark achievement curriculum.

North Alabama Arts Education Collaborative is also involved in the community through ARTS Huntsville, one of the many nonprofits in Huntsville!

2. The Schools Foundation

Think of The Schools Foundation as an education advocate that provides a central voice for strategic engagement. Essentially, if there is a current and pressing issue relating to education impacting our schools, this is one of the nonprofits in Huntsville that will help.

FUN FACT: According to the Schools Foundation, they help over 50K students daily. They work all over Madison County to help students achieve better education opportunities.

3. Girls Inc. of Huntsville

Girls Inc. of Huntsville strives to make an impact on young girls’ lives so that they have the confidence to further their education and career opportunities. From life skills to healthy living enrichment activities, Girls Inc. focuses on girls developing each girl’s strength so they can value their whole selves.

This is one of the nonprofits in Huntsville solely focused on the improvement of girls in the classroom AND for the rest of life.

LEARN MORE: Find out how Girls Inc. is helping girls in Birmingham be strong, smart & bold.

4. Free 2 Teach

This one is for teachers! Free 2 Teach provides free resources to teachers in Madison County. It all started when two friends decided to collect bins of surplus school supplies. Today, there is a 10,000-square-foot warehouse packed with envelopes, binders, pens and more.

5. Village of Promise

Education isn’t just about children but families and Village of Promise made it their mission to assist families out of the cycle of poverty using a multi-generational approach. Each family has an individualized plan that covers four areas:

  • Education
  • Social and Emotional Growth
  • Physical Health + Wellness
  • Professional Development

There are also volunteer opportunities for those interested. This is one of the nonprofits in Huntsville you’ll want to support.

6. AUM Foundation

One of the nonprofits in Huntsville dedicated to education includes AUM Foundation, where mentors help girls reach their academic goals. Not only do they serve Huntsville but Madison, Selma and Decatur.

AUM wants to help underserved communities so the youth can thrive when they become the next generation of workers.

7. Huntsville Education Association

If you’re a teacher, administrator or involved in educational support, Huntsville Education Association is here for you. This organization empowers the employees of Huntsville City Schools to work together for the welfare of students, advancement and improvement of education.

Did you know that they offer two scholarship awards of $500 to aid a teacher in returning to college to further their education?? Amazing!

8. Huntsville Network for Urban School Renewal, Inc

To address the low academic achievement in Title I schools in the city, Huntsville Network for Urban School Renewal, Inc seeks to revitalize communities by engaging in community and economic development. As one of the many impressive nonprofits in Huntsville, they provide nutrition and mental health services as well as mentor programs.

9. United Way of Huntsville Born Learning

Education doesn’t just end in the classroom. Because of United Way of Huntsville, there are plenty of opportunities for children to learn in their own city. You and your fam can head to one of the many Wonderwalks so everyone has a chance to discover shapes, textures and sounds.

10. KTECH Kids to Love

As someone who has been a foster family, it’s comforting to know there is a nonprofit in Huntsville focusing on foster children. KTECH, an initiative of Kids to Love, directly impact foster youth’s lives as they get through school. According to Kids to Love, only 50% of foster youth earn a high school degree.

KTECH offers technical programs that make certificates accessible. Fantastically, they have a 95% graduation rate. WOW.

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