Peppered Pig’s new location is opening its doors on January 23

peppered pig
It is smoking’ burger joint. (Peppered Pig / Facebook)

Peppered Pig’s beloved burgers and sandwiches are finally moving out of the food truck and getting a permanent home in Huntsville!

Here’s what you need to know about the new location and the opening.

When they’ll be open

We can’t wait for Peppered Pig’s opening to grab some of our favorite burgers (which made it to our guide to the best burgers in Huntsville).

They’ll be opening their doors for the first time this coming Monday, January 23—here’s the details.

They’ll stick to the temporary 11AM-3PM schedule Monday-Saturday until they announce permanent hours.

What’s on the menu

peppered pig
Which burger are you going for first? (Peppered Pig / Facebook)

Peppered Pig’s food truck has been serving up over-the-top burgers, sandwiches and fries for quite a while. So, you might have your favorites picked out already. If you’re looking to try something new, though, here’s what will be on the menu at their new location.

  • Burgers: including the Piggy Burger, Black and Blue, Mushroom Swiss, Bulgogi Burger, Philly Cheese Burger, Bacon Bomb and more
  • Sandwiches: including the Knuckle Sandwich, Grilled Vegetable Sandwich, Blackened Salmon BLT, Shrimp Po’boy and more
  • Loaded Fries: including the Piggy Fries, Philly Fries, Bulgogi Fries, Cheesy Fries and more
  • Salads: including the Grilled Vegetable, Italian, Blue Cheese and Asian

They also have southern sides, a kids menu and fried pies (in case you have any room left after a gigantic burger).

Until their opening in a few days, here’s where you can find Peppered Pig online.

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