Get ready for record high temperatures this week in Huntsville

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Things are getting heated here in Huntsville. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

If you’ve stepped outside at any point this week, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “Are we actually in February right now?”

If you’ve forgotten what February usually feels like in Huntsville (like me), the average highs are normally in the 50’s. This week’s a bit different, though.

It’s not unusual for Huntsville to have some wacky weather, but this is record-breaking. Here’s what you need to know about the rest of the week’s temperatures—and what kind of wardrobe decisions you might want to make.


temperature outlook nws
Am I reading those numbers right? (National Weather Service Huntsville Alabama)

If it wasn’t warm enough already today, temperatures are climbing even higher tomorrow.

The high on Wednesday is expected to be 78 or 79 degrees—which breaks the record for the highest temperature on February 22 in Huntsville. The last record was set in 2018 when the temperature hit 77 degrees.

So, pull out your springtime clothing—and keep it out for Thursday when things warm up even more.


temperature records nws
These temperatures are likely to break records. (National Weather Service Huntsville Alabama)

On Thursday, we may not see any records broken. But, we will see some spring-like weather.

The high on Thursday is forecasted to be 82 degrees, one degree short of the 1996 record high for February 23 in Huntsville.

However, if temperatures climb higher than expected, we could see an overall record-breaker for the month of February in Huntsville. The highest reported temperature ever in Huntsville in the month of February is 83 degrees. So, there’s a chance of historic weather this week!

Friday + the weekend

five day outlook temperature nws
It’s “only” getting up to the low 60’s on Friday. (National Weather Service Huntsville Alabama)

In classic North Alabama fashion, we’re going to see a dramatic shift in the temperature after the record-breaking days on Wednesday and Thursday.

“After potentially record breaking warmth on Thursday, a cold front will take temperatures down 20-25 degrees for Friday. Then, temperatures will become unseasonably mild over the weekend into early next week.”

National Weather Service Huntsville Alabama

So, don’t pack up your winter wardrobe just yet. We’ll return to some comparatively cold temperatures on Friday. Then, if the rain holds off, it’s going to be a great weekend for getting outside.

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