Relocating to Huntsville? 5 great things you need to know from a local real estate agent


Hville Blast Content Producer Lacey Spear with Huntsville real estate agent Katie Gallagher with RealtySouth—who are the experts to help if you're relocating to Huntsville
If you’re relocating to Huntsville, you’ll love the vibrant downtown scene. (Gavin Richardson / Hville Blast)

Have you seen Huntsville’s recent accolades and been considering moving to the Rocket City?

Sometimes moving can be an overwhelming process. Fortunately, we know the perfect people who can help—local RealtySouth agents like Katie Gallagher have successfully assisted many families. Here’s Katie’s top things to know about relocating to Huntsville.

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1. Huntsville is Alabama’s largest city with a small town feel

Big Spring Park in Huntsville—one of the places you must check out if you're relocating to Huntsville
Get ready for warm spring strolls in Big Spring Park. (Gavin Richardson / Hville Blast)

Although Huntsville is now Alabama’s largest city, it still maintains its small town charm. It combines the best of both worlds—the amenities of big city life with a small town pace.

As a Huntsville native, Katie has been able to trace Huntsville’s growth over the years.

“Huntsville is a lot bigger than when I grew up here, yet it’s still such a welcoming place. I feel like our kids are happy in the schools around here, and it’s a great place to be.”

Katie Gallagher, RealtySouth agent

2. RealtySouth can help you find your home virtually

Real estate agent Katie Gallagher in front of RealtySouth offices in Huntsville. She helps with clients who are relocating to Huntsville
If you’re relocating to Huntsville, you’ll love working with RealtySouth—their office is in the heart of downtown. (Gavin Richardson / Hville Blast)

RealtySouth has a large relocation department, so they are equipped to handle every situation you can imagine.

When travel was limited during COVID, RealtySouth agents began using FaceTime or videos to show homes to prospective buyers. Due to the efficiency of this method, it has now become part of their normal process for relocation clients.

“We like to show properties before clients take their home-finding trip so they can narrow down their list ahead of time and not be overwhelmed when they get here.”

Katie Gallagher, RealtySouth agent

3. Local agents identify your city/area based on your goals

downtown Huntsville mural
If you’re relocating to Huntsville, you’ll love the city’s murals and rich art scene. (Gavin Richardson / Hville Blast)

Relocating to Huntsville goes beyond the basic Rocket City limits. Neighboring cities such as Madison, Decatur, Athens, Harvest and Gurley also make great homes for those who want to live away from the bustle of big city buzz.

Katie gave us insight into her process for placing people in their preferred area.

“For example, if people who want an older home with character, I’m typically going to take them more towards Blossomwood and Jones Valley area. Or, if they want a short commute to Research Park, I’ll take them to Madison.”

Katie Gallagher, RealtySouth agent

4. You’re paired with an agent who knows your new city inside and out

RealtySouth agent Katie Gallgher on red bridge in Big Spring Park
Relocating to the Huntsville area is far from overwhelming when you have expert agents on your side. (Gavin Richardson / Hville Blast)

When a buyer is considering relocating to the Huntsville area, their first step is to contact RealtySouth’s relocation office. Based on their preferred area, RealtySouth will pair them with an agent who is an expert in that region.

This local agent will then be able to tell them all the details and best features of the area. They will also identify how the client would like to view listings—via FaceTime, videos or an in-person visit.

5. Your local agent will connect you with the community

RealtySouth agent Katie Gallagher walking on soccer field with Hville Blast Content Producer Lacey Spear
Relocating to Huntsville means finding the family-oriented atmosphere that’s your priority. (Gavin Richardson / Hville Blast)

Since RealtySouth agents are local, they know all the best places to find meaningful community.

For example, Katie coaches her child’s soccer team and knows the ins and outs of the Huntsville soccer community. She loves helping families connect with Huntsville’s recreational scene.

“Huntsville just feels so different than than anywhere else. We have a lot of people coming here who say this is their forever home.”

Katie Gallagher, RealtySouth agent

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