Rocket City Roller Derby is rolling into their 2022 season—how you can participate

rocket city roller derby
Rolling in the deep. (Lazy Monkey Photography)

Break out the roller skates, Huntsville—the Rocket City Roller Derby is back. Keep reading to learn more about the Rocket City Roller Derby’s 2022 season and how you can join. 

What’s roller derby?

roller derby
In action! (Lazy Monkey Photography)

Not familiar with roller derby? It’s a full-contact sport consisting of two teams of fifteen players, in which both teams designate a “jammer” and four “blockers” to try and lap the opposing team. Essentially, both teams are in an intense race while simultaneously playing defense and offense—it’s an intense sport to play AND watch! 

Rocket City Roller Derby

the team
The coolest team. (Rocket City Roller Derby’s Facebook)

Rocket City Roller Derby is a nonprofit, amateur sports team that’s dedicated to the community. Their team is made up of volunteers and fans of the sport directly from this city.

Currently, they are practicing their skills so that they can become an indomitable team for Huntsville. Dates for upcoming matches haven’t been posted yet but you can stay updated by following their Facebook.

If you’re interested in joining the team, sign up today.

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