Schools in the Huntsville area get ready to begin 2022-23 school year

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Schools all over the Huntsville area start back up in just a matter of weeks. (Blossomwood Elementary School PTA via Facebook)

Seems like summer just got started, right? Well, believe it or not, schools in Madison County start the 2022-23 school year in just a few weeks. That’s right, a few WEEKS.

Here at Hville Blast we have gathered up the calendars for the school systems and private schools in the area so you don’t miss anything.

Huntsville City Schools

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Students return to Huntsville City Schools August 2 this year. (Huntsville City Schools via Facebook)

School starts August 2 for Huntsville City Schools. Pretty early, compared to when school started back in my day. But here is the 2022-23 calendar for HCS:

Screenshot 2022 07 12 12.42.16 PM

Madison County Schools

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Madison County Schools begin a day after Huntsville City Schools. (Sparkman High School via Facebook)

County schools start August 3, a day after the Huntsville City Schools start. So don’t get confused! Here is the academic calendar for Madison County Schools for 2022-23:

Screenshot 2022 07 12 12.44.44 PM

Madison City Schools

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Madison City Schools welcome back students in just a couple of weeks. (Bob Jones High School via Facebook)

Like Madison County Schools, Madison City Schools start August 3. Here is the full calendar for the 2022-23 school year:

Screenshot 2022 07 12 12.47.47 PM

Randolph School

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Randolph School starts a little later than neighboring public schools. (Randolph School via Facebook)

Randolph School begins a week later than the neighboring public schools, with a start date of August 10. Here is the 2022-23 calendar for Randolph:

Screenshot 2022 07 12 12.55.49 PM

Whitesburg Christian Academy

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See all the important dates for the 2022-23 school year on the Whitesburg Christian Academy calendar. (WCA via Facebook)

Whitesburg Christian Academy starts August 2, but will begin with a half-day for students. Here is the school calendar for the 2022-23 school year at Whitesburg Christian:

Screenshot 2022 07 12 1.02.36 PM

Madison Academy

August 3 is the first day of school for students at Madison Academy. Here is the remainder of the calendar:

Screenshot 2022 07 12 1.10.05 PM

Huntsville Christian Academy

Huntsville Christian Academy students begin August 1, the earliest of the local schools. Below is the full academic calendar for the coming school year ay HCA:

Screenshot 2022 07 12 1.13.48 PM

Holy Spirit Regional Catholic School

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Holy Spirit welcomes students back in just a few weeks. (HSRSC via Facebook)

Holy Spirit welcomes students back for the new school year August 3, but with an early dismissal. Here is the rest of the academic calendar for Holy Spirit:

Screenshot 2022 07 12 1.20.53 PM

I was unable to obtain calendars for some of the private schools in the area, including John Paul II Catholic High School and Providence Classical School, but I can always add them to the list, so if you have info on the spots we missed, feel free to let me know at

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