See 5 planets shine in the Huntsville sky tonight

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You will be able to see 5 planets Friday night without a telescope. (Cliff Martin/Hville Blast)

Calling all space lovers (which, really, is everyone in Rocket City, of course)! You’ll be able to see five planets in the sky tonight–no telescope needed–so grab your favorite wannabe astronaut and head outside.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will all be visible in tonight’s sky. Visit for details on when and where in the sky your favorite planets will be shinning. Forget waking up early to watch the sun rise–catch Mercury rising with all the early birds at 5AM tomorrow.

Don’t forget about the moon + more

Earth’s moon in a waxing gibbous phase taken by the International Space Station. (Image Credit: NASA)

The moon, though not technically a planet, will be observable in its waxing crescent phase and be perfectly visible tonight too. Don’t forget to snap a picture. The moon will set at 11:41PM tonight in the Northwest portion of the sky.

If you want to bust out the binoculars, you can see several asteroids, dwarf planets plus Neptune and Uranus in the Huntsville sky as well.

Huntsville’s connections to space

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Anything space-related is right up Huntsville’s alley, especially being able to see 5 planets in one night. (Cliff Martin/Hville Blast)

Huntsville boasts numerous connections to space since it’s home to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center on Redstone Arsenal. The Space and Rocket Center recently received its largest donation in history.

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