Self Care Day in Huntsville β€” a guide for treating yourself on this special day

Barbie pink flowers
Take a moment to let yourself bloom today. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

It’s International Self Care Day, which is all about taking time for yourself and focusing on what makes you you. A great way to do this is by doing something you love, whether that means going out by yourself or with friends.

Huntsville is full of different opportunities to have a little fun and de-stress. If you’re a busy parent, student or simply need to step away from real life for a bit, read on and learn how to spend Self Care Day in the Rocket City.

Go see a movie

The Barbie box at Cinemark Bridge Street & XD.
Barbenheimer is undoubtedly the movie event of the summer, but check out what else is showing! (Curtis Venetta / Hville Blast)

If you’ve had your hands full and haven’t been able to see that movie you’ve always wanted to see, why not do it today? While the “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” movies β€” together, dubbed “Barbenheimer” β€” are getting all the hype right now, we’ve heard there are many other great films out right now.

However, going to the theaters isn’t for everyone. If you haven’t already, treat yourself to a streaming service subscription and browse an extensive selection of movies.

Visit a local bookstore and read a new genre

Holding "Niksen: Embracing the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing" outside for Self Care Day.
“Niksen: Embracing the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing” by Olga Mecking is my current favorite read. (Curtis Venetta / Hville Blast)

There are plenty of local bookstores in Huntsville to check out. I’ve personally found my new favorite genre is literature that challenges traditional wellness trends β€” a perfect topic for a day like Self Care Day!

If you want to feel a greater sense of escapism though, it might be fun to re-read your favorite novel from when you were younger, or pick a recently-published fantasy series to binge.

Take on a new hobby

a brown rabbit made out of fiber
You never know what might end up as your lifelong hobby. (Curtis Venetta / Hville Blast)

If you’ve been in a creative rut, you can get those cogs turning by learning a new hobby β€” we outlined some of our favorite places to do so in Huntsville here. Places like Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment and Stovehouse are great creative hubs for people who love the arts.

For more athletically inclined individuals, check out our list of adventurous workouts to get your energy flowing.

Watch the sunset

Sunset over Ditto Landing.
Even prettier in person. (Elizabeth Hobbs / Hville Blast)

Relax with a picnic or a book as the sunsets at any of these great lookouts in the Rocket City:

Do something that makes you happy

Donna and Tom from "Parks & Recreation" saying the iconic "treat yo' self" phrase for self care day.
It’s time to “treat yo’ self.” (NBC, “Parks & Recreation,” October 13, 2011)

We’ve given you a head start on ideas of what to do for Self Care Day, but don’t feel obligated to stick to our list. Do whatever you’d like in order to uplift your spirit today β€” spend some time meditating in the comfort of your house or in the great outdoors, buy yourself a nice meal or stay home and take a nice, long nap.

Happy International Self Care Day, Huntsville! Share what you did today and tag us @hvilleblast.

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