Severe weather possible for North Alabama, but a beautiful weekend expected

Some possibly severe weather is headed our way this week. (Christian Stanfield / Hville Blast)

Spring in Alabama is supposed to be somewhat wet and stormy, but this week we may see some storms that reach severe levels. Heavy rain and high winds are expected over the next few days in North Alabama.

However, when the storms clear out before the weekend, Mother’s Day weekend is going to be pleasant:

Stay weather aware over the next few days

The Huntsville area could see some severe weather this week. (Christian Stanfield / Hville Blast)

Rain and possible severe storms are expected here in North Alabama Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday’s rain storms are not expected to be threatening, but a storm expected overnight could turn severe.

Meteorologist Grace Anello of WAAY 31 says this storm line will enter the Shoals and Southern Tennessee shortly after midnight, and will move through the Huntsville Metro, Decatur and down to Red Bay by about 4AM.

Anello said the greatest threats she is anticipating overnight are damaging wind gusts up to 50 and 60 mph, hail and a risk for tornadoes.

“All in all, take a few deep breaths and don’t use today as a time to stress. Rather use it as a day to get prepared and stay weather aware so you can stay safe.”

Grace Anello, meteorologist, WAAY 31

Because the severe weather is expected to occur overnight, Anello said is it “absolutely crucial” that folks go to sleep with two things:

  1. A way to get severe weather notifications in a way that will wake you up, if need be. 
  2. A  safety plan in place and prepared for use.

Staying prepared includes making sure you and your family have a plan in place in case of a tornado or other weather threat.

“Whether it’s our app or a weather radio, some type of loud notification device is key. Secondly, go ahead and use today to identify an interior room with no outside doors or windows that you can quickly move to tonight, should a warning be issued.”

Grace Anello, meteorologist, WAAY 31

A pretty Mother’s Day weekend

We should see beautiful weather this weekend. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

All of the rain and scary weather should actually make way for a very pleasant Mother’s Day weekend, however.

“Severe weather will be out of our system by about 8AM Thursday. Storms will remain through lunchtime but those will not pose a severe weather threat. By late Thursday afternoon, we’re not only rain free but also cloud free!”

Grace Anello, meteorologist, WAAY 31

Anello said the effects of Wednesday’s cold front will come into place starting Friday. High temperatures Friday and through Mother’s Day weekend will be much more mild, sitting in the mid and upper 70s with a really nice mix of clouds and sunshine.

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