Singing River Trail commissions new hopscotch court in Courtland

hopscotch art
The new hopsctoch art in Downtown Courtland, Alabama. (Singing River Trail / Facebook)

There’s a new piece of public art in North Alabama—and it’s meant to be stepped on. Or, rather, it’s meant to be hopped on. That’s right—it’s a permanent hopsctoch court located in Courtland, Alabama, a small town west of Decatur.

Alabama’s first internationally sanctioned hopscotch court

hopscotch art
So many fun details make this hopscotch court one-of-a-kind. (Singing River Trail / Facebook)

The Singing River Trail commissioned this fun, interactive piece of public art as a part of their regional collaboration efforts. The court is located in downtown Courtland, and it is the first internationally sanctioned hopscotch court in Alabama!

Ready to take a hop, a skip and a jump over to Courtland to find this new landmark? You can find it near the Courtland, Alabama Early Settlers Historic Marker.

While you’re there, make sure to stroll around the cute downtown and stop for some traditional southern fare at Miss Pearl’s restaurant on Jackson Street.

The artist + the purpose

hopscotch art
The artist, Sonya Clemons, putting in some fun detail to the hopscotch court. (Singing River Trail / Facebook)

Sonya Clemons, known as the ArtLady, is the artist behind the cute hopscotch court.

The Singing River Trail worked together with Clemons as well as Courtland Mayor Linda Peebles to make this project happen. The hopscotch court was made for community, and is a part of SRT’s larger mission to connect communities across North Alabama.

About the Singing River Trail

singing river trail
The Master Plan for the Singing River Trail. (Singing River Trail / Facebook)

So, what is the Singing River Trail? We’re glad you asked—because we’re excited about it. SRT is a greenway system that stretches over 200 miles across North Alabama. The trail, when complete, will connect eight counties.

The trail will go through many towns and cities, including:

  • Scottsboro
  • Guntersville
  • Gurley
  • Huntsville
  • Madison
  • Decatur
  • Athens
  • Florence

SRT includes many projects—some complete, some under construction and some in the design phase. You can see the projects and their progress here.

More than just a trail

hopscotch 4
The Singing River Trail will bring many benefits to North Alabama. (Singing River Trail / Facebook)

But SRT isn’t just a trail. Here’s their vision:

“The Singing River Trail (SRT) is a world-class resource that connects the region, celebrates Native American heritage, provides education opportunities, contributes to economic development, and enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors throughout North Alabama.”

Singing River Trail’s Website

Pretty amazing right? If you want to know even more about SRT’s mission, economic impacts, health impacts and more, check these out:

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