Small Biz Monday: Huntsville’s Guava and Glow Facial Studio + 3 recommended products from an esthetician

Guava and Glow
Meet Julia at Guava and Glow. (Emily Kent / Hville Blast)

For this week’s Small Biz Monday, we visited Julia Cervantes at Guava and Glow Facial Studio in Huntsville. Read on for more about this small biz, PLUS three products she recommended to our readers to keep their skin glowing and healthy.

Guava and Glow

Instantly, this facial studio feels welcoming. The bright colors and Miami-inspired decor gives the space a unique feel—unlike a more traditional spa. That’s because this isn’t your traditional spa.

“I didn’t want it to be the traditional spa space. I didn’t want a spot with dark colors or spa music. I wanted to do the exact opposite of that. I love South Beach Miami and the colors, so that is what inspired the brand. We try to customize everything for our clients.”

—Julia Cervantes, Guava and Glow Facial Studio

The studio has been open in Huntsville since March 2021. Julia worked in healthcare for over 10 years until she decided to follow her passion for skincare and become an esthetician, with the dream of opening her own studio.

Guava and Glow strives to make you feel relaxed. One way they do this is by catering the music to your personal preferences. On the intake form before getting your facial, you’ll see a spot for your favorite jams. Country, pop, classical or even punk rock? You got it.

Services offered

Guava and Glow
Which facial will you book? (Emily Kent / Hville Blast)

Currently, the studio offers facial services— custom and advanced corrective facials, such as microdermabrasion, hydrafacial, chemical peel and dermaplaning. If you struggle with acne, look no further. Julia specializes in it and even has an acne boot camp for some one-on-one skin attention.

  • Pinapple Express | 30 minutes | $70
  • Guava Glow-Up | 60 minutes | $120
  • Hot Mama | 60 minutes | $130
  • The Papi Chulo | 60 minutes | $130
  • Fresh AF | 60 minutes | $160
  • Bling Bling | 60 minutes | $160
  • Face Reality Acne Boot Camp | 60 minutes | Prices vary
  • The Guava Peel | 60 minutes | $200

At Guava and Glow, you’ll be able to find a service perfect for you. After talking with Julia about your skin type, concerns and any lifestyle factors, she’ll know exactly which service you’ll be the best candidate for.

The Hot Mama facial is specialized just for the expecting mothers. Just for the guys? The Papi Chulo is a mens-inspired facial that includes a skin analysis, double cleanse, customized enzyme, extractions, hydrojelly mask and facial massage.

Watch out for more services coming soon—Julia told us they are planning on expanding!

Book your facial now

Guava and Glow
Visit Guava and Glow. (Guava and Glow)

My facial is already booked. If you’re ready to book yours, here’s everything you need to know:

Guava and Glow has professional products available for purchase. Before you go, we asked for Julia’s top products for skincare enthusiasts, all found at Guava and Glow.

  • Leahlani Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil
  • Seriously Fab Zinc It Over Sunscreen Facial Mist
  • Glymedplus Treatment Cream

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