South Huntsville to get 1.5 miles of new greenway

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South Huntsville will soon see about 1.5 miles of new greenway, connecting Ditto Landing to Elgie’s Walk Greenway. (City of Huntsville)

The City of Huntsville announced this week it is going to expand greenway access in South Huntsville. The project , approved by the Huntsville City Council Thursday, would add 1.5 miles of new greenway between Hobbs and Green Cove roads.

Here’s what we know about this expansion:

New greenway access in South Huntsville

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South Huntsville access is part of Phase 3 of the Tennessee River Greenway. (Tennessee River Greenway via Facebook)

The Huntsville City Council this week authorized Mayor Tommy Battle to enter into a contract with Garver LLC as part of Phase 3 of the Tennessee River Greenway. The contract is for land surveying and engineering design related to the project.

Specifically, the project would add 1.5 miles of new greenway between Hobbs and Green Cove roads and connect the Elgie’s Walk Greenway to Ditto Landing.

The final link, along with the Weatherly Road and Aldridge Creek greenway networks, creates a 15-mile greenway loop in South Huntsville.

“When we put together our BIG Picture master plan, investing more in quality-of-life amenities like our greenways was a common recommendation from stakeholders. We’ve seen such tremendous growth in South Huntsville over the past few years, particularly around the Ditto Landing area. Providing greenway access is a win-win for anyone who enjoys what Ditto Landing has to offer.”

Dennis Madsen, Manager of Urban & Long-Range Planning

Tennessee River Greenway Project

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The Tennessee River frontage in Huntsville has been an under-utilized asset. (City of Huntsville)

The Tennessee River Greenway is a short and scenic route in South Huntsville with a forested area on one side and the Tennessee River on the other.

Expansion of this resource was part of the City of Huntsville’s BIG Picture plan, introduced to help direct the future of economic growth, neighborhood redevelopment, parks and greenways, transportation and quality of life for Huntsville.

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