Space Command headquarters takes another step closer to Huntsville

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The U.S. Air Force released its environmental study on the Space Command headquarters’ move to Huntsville. (U.S. Space Command via Facebook)

There’s an update on the status of the headquarters for U.S. Space Command’s move to Huntsville! After the release of an environmental assessment by the U.S. Air Force, the move from Colorado looks more likely.

A final decison will be made in 2023, but the likelihood of Huntsville getting the 60-acre Space Command headquarters looks good!

What this latest news means

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Redstone Arsenal was the top choice among six cities for the U.S. Space Command headquarters. (Team Redstone via Facebook)

Huntsville was among six cities Pres. Donald Trump proposed for the Space Command headquarters, and the move sparked a great deal of controversy, as the decision to move the HQ was thought to be politically motivated.

Here’s a timeline of events that has led us to where we are now in the process:

  • The Air Force originally announced its decision to move Space Command to Redstone Arsenal in January 2021
  • The Air Force’s decision angered Colorado lawmakers and its business community, which touted Colorado Springs’s status as a longtime hub for military space operations and industry, and the current SPACECOM headquarters. They called for multiple investigations by the defense secretary, DoD inspector general and Government Accountability Office into the basing process.
  • After a 15-month process that questioned the methods by which Huntsville was chosen for the new Space Command headquarters, Pentagon officials on May 2 said they found “no foul play” involved in the selection process, giving the Air Force the green light to move the SPACECOM HQ to Alabama.
  • In June, the Government Accountability Office released a report stating that, while the Air Force’s process for choosing Space Command’s location was not completely up to par with recommendations, Redstone Arsenal still stands out as the top choice for Space Command HQ.
  • Wednesday, the USAF announced that the environmental review found no issues with the proposed site for the new headquarters. A variety of potential impacts were studied including noise levels, transportation and natural resources.

What state + local leaders are saying

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Mayor Tommy Battle has cheered on the process of the USAF moving the Space Command headquarters to Huntsville. (City of Huntsville)

State and local leaders have cheered on the USAF decision to move the headquarters to Huntsville since the process began, and that support continued with the news Wednesday.

“The due diligence in the Space Command selection process confirms Redstone Arsenal as the right choice. We look forward to collaborating with our national space partners to keep our country safe.”

Mayor Tommy Battle

Senator Tommy Tuberville also chimed in on Wednesday with his praise of the process.

This is a welcomed result, but it’s not surprising. Redstone Arsenal’s existing federal footprint and Huntsville’s robust defense industry make this area the ideal home for Space Command. I look forward to the conclusion of the comment period and doing what I can to support Space Command as it makes Huntsville its new home.”

Sen. Tommy Tuberville

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