It’s strawberry season—5 farms in the Huntsville area

strawberry brown farms
Let’s go strawberry picking! (Brown Farms / Facebook)

Strawberry season is ripe here in North Alabama, and there’s plenty of places around here to grab a bucket of them (or two, or three if you’re like me).

Whether you like to pick them yourself or skip straight to the enjoying with pre-picked strawberries, we’ve got you covered.

1. Brown Farms

brown farms
This farm is a long-time favorite in the Huntsville community. (Brown Farm / Facebook)

Let’s start with one of the oldest, most well-known strawberry farms in the Huntsville area, Brown Farms. Growing up, this is where my family and I went for “strawberry picking day”—always a fun experience. Every April and May, this farm is bursting with strawberries and bustling with visitors coming to pick them.

2. Reeves’ Peach Farm

Reeves farm strawberries
Buckets upon buckets of strawberries are waiting. (Reeves’ Peach Farm / Facebook)

Don’t get thrown off by the name of this one—they have plenty of strawberries during this time of year. Right now, they’re selling pre-picked strawberries, but they’ll have the you-pick field open later in the season.

3. Isom’s Orchard

isoms orchard strawberies
These strawberries often sell out quickly. (Isom’s Orchard / Facebook)

Isom’s Orchard is a year-round favorite for all kinds of fresh produce. But, this time of year, strawberries are center-stage.

Be sure to check their social media to see if they have strawberries available on a given day, and check back for updates on whether or not they’ll have a you-pick option this year.

4. Maggie Valley Berry Patch + Gardens

Maggie valley berry patch
The berry patch is full of ripe strawberries this time of year. (Maggie Valley Berry Patch and Gardens / Facebook)

Maggie Valley Berry Patch is a little farm in Grant, Alabama, where some of the most delicious berries grow. If you’re heading out to grab a bucket of them, be sure to check their social media for updates on hours and availability (and bring cash!).

5. Five Oak Farm

five oak farm strawberries
The strawberry buckets are full at Holly Pond! (Five Oak Farm and Kitchen of Holly Pond / Facebook)

If you’re up for a little bit of a road trip, Five Oak Farm in Holly Pond has plenty of strawberries both in buckets and out in the field to pick. They also have fresh-baked goods, which you have to try while you’re visiting. Stay updated on the status of the you-pick field by checking their social media pages.

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