Taco Casa is looking to expand—and Huntsville’s on its list

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Who’s ready for that sign to go up in Huntsville? (Taco Casa – Tuscaloosa / Facebook)

If you’ve ever been to Tuscaloosa (or were an Alabama student at some point), you’ve probably heard of Taco Casa.

This quick-service Tex-Mex restaurant has been feeding Alabama students and Tuscaloosa residents alike since 1974. After almost 50 years of taco-driven success, Taco Casa is looking to expand across Alabama.

Here’s what we know about Taco Casa and Huntsville.

They’re looking for franchisees in three cities, Huntsville being one

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I’ll have both, and maybe a coupe more. (Taco Casa – Tuscaloosa / Facebook)

According to PR Newswire, Taco Casa is seeking franchisees in three cities for its expansion: Montgomery, Mobile and (drumroll, please) Huntsville.

The Taco Casa Franchise Development Team is looking for go-getters who love their communities and, of course, tacos.

We hope they find that Huntsville franchisee soon, because we’re craving some Taco Casa now!

Taco Casa’s Alabama roots go deep

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I wish I could travel back in time to the original Taco Casa. (Taco Casa – Tuscaloosa / Facebook)

If you’ve never heard of Taco Casa, first of all, we’re sorry. Second of all, here’s a brief history of their famed existence.

Rod Wilkin opened the first Taco Casa in Tuscaloosa in 1974—at just 25 years old—after his football career under Coach Bryant at the University of Alabama.

Wilkin brought the flavors of his Midwest hometown to Tuscaloosa, and only served fresh food prepared after the customer ordered. Tuscaloosa fell in love with the tacos, and Taco Casa continued to be more and more successful.

Taco Casa grew, expanding both their menu and their locations. They currently serve their famous tacos in Tuscaloosa, Northport and Birmingham.

Now, they’re looking to make their way to Huntsville.

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