The best things we ate in Huntsville in April

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This is The Rockwell at Biscuit Belly – among the best things we ate in Huntsville this month. (Michael Seale/Hville Blast)

The Hville Blast crew loves to eat, and we also love to get together and discuss what we have eaten here in the Huntsville area. Yes, we really do talk about food that much…

So as April comes to a close, here are some of the best things we ate this month in Huntsville:

1. Mahi mahi at Tom Brown’s

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Sarah loved the mahi mahi at Tom Brown’s, one of the best things we ate this month. (Sarah Gronberg/Hville Blast)

“The atmosphere at Tom Brown’s was the perfect place for a celebratory meal. Plus, the food was excellent. The fish was perfectly cooked, the pineapple rice had a unique flavor that kept me coming back for more and the couscous was an unexpected favorite.”

Sarah Gronberg, Account Executive

2. English Breakfast for two at Poppy & Parliament

Another of the best things we ate in April was this delicious breakfast at Poppy & Parliament. (Lacey Spear/Hville Blast)

“This was really so much food, and was so good. It includes sausages, grilled bacon, pan fried mushrooms, eggs, beans and just about anything else you would want in a big breakfast!”

Lacey Spear, Content Producer

3. The Rockwell Supreme at Biscuit Belly

PXL 20230428 162329147.PORTRAIT 1
The Rockwell Supreme is like the previously pictured Rockwell, but adds bacon and an over easy egg to the mix. (Michael Seale/Hville Blast)

“The two best things I ate this month were both at Biscuit Belly. I tried the Rockwell, which is a biscuit with breaded chicken, cheese and gravy. Then I tried the Rockwell Supreme, which adds bacon and an over easy egg. I didn’t think the Rockwell could get better, but it did.”

Michael Seale, Managing Content Producer

4. Strawberry Matcha Latte at Leafly Boba Bar

IMG 4883
Topping Curtis’ list of the best things we ate this month is actually more of a drink. (Curtis Venetta/Hville Blast)

“This is one of my many favorite drinks at Leafly — it’s a perfect, layered blend of matcha, strawberry purée and boba.”

Curtis Venetta, Content Producer intern

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