Where to watch The Eras Tour concert film in Huntsville

Taylor Swift at the GEHA Field Stadium in Kansas City, MO The Eras Tour
Coming to a big screen near you! (Curtis Venetta / Hville Blast)

Did you miss out on The Eras Tour tickets? Now you can see the record-breaking show from an even better view than you could’ve ever purchased at the real deal. “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Concert Film” will exclusively be in theaters beginning Friday, October 13.

Read on to find out where you can watch the show from the comfort of our very own Rocket City.

Have your very own sparkling night

Taylor Swift at the GEHA Field Stadium in Kansas City, MO
I know I’ve seen this film before, and I really liked the ending. (Curtis Venetta / Hville Blast)

Taylor Swift has a reputation for caring about her fans, so this will be a great opportunity for people who weren’t able to purchase tickets to the original show. Be sure to fearlessly dress in clothing from your favorite album era, party like it’s 1989 and hold onto the magic evermore — this will be a film worth staying up until midnight.

Whether you’re going with a lover or with friends, or you’re new to Swift’s lyricism that sounds like folklore, speak now and buy tickets while you can! This may be the last time you can see The Eras Tour in this kind of setting, and if you miss out, you might be seeing red.

Where to watch

person holding red and white plastic container
“If This Was a Movie”…now it is! (Photo by Meg Boulden on Unsplash)

Are you ready for it? Here’s where you can watch The Eras Tour concert film in and around Huntsville:

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