The latest on Dutch Bros Coffee—new location added + Decatur to open this spring

dutch bros coffee
It’s coming. (Dutch Bros Coffee / Facebook)

Dutch Bros Coffee fans, get ready for some exciting news.

The popular drive-thru coffee spot has been popping signs up in North Alabama. But, we’ve got all the details on what’s next for Dutch Bros’ debut in Alabama. Let’s dive in.

Decatur’s location will be the first to open in North Alabama

dutch bros coffee
Cheers, friends. (Dutch Bros Coffee / Facebook)

Decatur will be the lucky spot where Alabama will get its first taste of Dutch Bros. Hailing from Oregon, this coffee chain has slowly made its way across the country, leaving a trail of over 300 locations behind them since their first location opened in 1992.

They’ve made it all the way to Tennessee, and now, they’re breaking into Alabama.

Here’s where their first Alabama location will be (but there are more to come, keep reading!).

A new location has been added to the list, following Zeirdt Road and University Drive

dutch bros coffee
It’ll look something like their hundreds of other locations around the US. (Dutch Bros Coffee / Facebook)

But they’re not stopping at Decatur. Dutch Bros already had two locations announced for the Huntsville area last year, one on Zierdt Road and one on University Drive. According to a report by WHNT News 19, those locations were set to start construction this month.

There’s even more news, though. A new location has been added to Dutch Bros Coffee’s plans for Alabama. Hampton Cove, get ready for it.

If you’re curious about what you’ll be able to find at all these new Dutch Bros Coffee locations, here’s a sneak peek at what’s on their menu.

  • Dutch Classics (like the Irish Creme Breve)
  • Chai
  • Dutch Soda (like the OG Gummybear)
  • Cold Brew
  • Dutch Frost (like the Snickerdoodle) and Dutch Freeze (like the Caramelizer)

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