5 things to know about The Vessel community ceramics studio—all new in Stovehouse

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Meet Jordyn Brummett and Ashlyn Biggers, the faces behin The Vessel. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Stovehouse is one of Huntsville’s hottest food and entertainment spots in Huntsville, and now it’s getting a new addition. The Vessel Community Ceramics Studio is starting up classes this Thursday, and we talked the team behind it to find out all you need to know.

The idea

the vessel
This cup was designed by both Jordyn and Ashlyn—one designed the handle and the other designed the main cup. (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

Jordyn Brummett and Ashlyn Biggers are the dynamic duo behind The Vessel. They just so happened to cross paths at the right time to make this happen—and we’re glad they did.

On Jordyn’s side of things, it started with a “nagging dream,” as she calls it. She got a degree in Art Education with a concentration in ceramics and was an elementary art teacher. Then, she became a stay-at-home mom to two daughters. During that time, she wanted to make ceramics more than just a hobby. She always knew what she wanted “more” to be.

“It was opening a community studio since I experienced clay for the first time.”

Jordyn Brummett

As Jordyn started exploring how to materialize her dream, she found that it was too much to do on her own. And that’s where Ashlyn comes in.

Ashlyn holds a BFA in Art with a ceramics concentration. After graduating, she missed the community aspect of what she had experienced in college, where students could build friendships, partnerships and mentorships and share their work.

Ashlyn moved here in 2019 to work full-time as a production potter and help start a pottery department for another local business. But, Ashlyn wished she could find that sort of community that she experienced in college again, and also bring others into it. She found that learning to create pottery is difficult on your own, and she wanted to contribute to a community setting where people could learn. But, she knew it was a huge investment to do on her own.

That’s when their paths crossed. Perfect timing.

The two sat in Jordyn’s living room one day drinking coffee, and they shared their dreams.

“It was a cool moment of her sharing her dream and me being like, ‘That’s my dream, too!'”

Jordyn Brummett

And that’s how The Vessel came to be. But that’s just the beginning of the story.

The process

the vessel
The process of creating the space has been a journey for Jordyn and Ashlyn! (Sarah Gronberg / Hville Blast)

It’s only been about six months since Jordyn and Ashlyn’s paths crossed. They said it’s been a whirlwind, with everything happening incredibly fast to get The Vessel open in Stovehouse.

What drew Jordyn to Stovehouse was that it’s a beautiful space, and aesthetics definitely played a part in her dream.

“We want to create a beautiful space.”

Jordyn Brummett

Not only that, but Stovehouse was a perfect place for a community. Being apart of Gaslight Alley in Stovehouse was appealing as a way to form community, not just within the studio, but also among the other Stovehouse small businesses.

Jordyn said that the Stovehouse staff was enthusiastic about their dream and supported them and encouraged them along the way, and, “they equally shared the energy behind it.”

The Stovehouse staff weren’t the only ones that provided them with support, though. The community support has been incredible, with their Kickstarter campaign raising $26,000 in just a month.

“It hit me that this was real whenever our Kickstarter kind of just blew us away, really. It was humbling and exciting and made me realize that this was real and this was happening.”

Ashlyn Biggers

That type of support has kept Jordyn and Ashlyn going throughout the process of opening The Vessel, even on the hard days.

“It’s been sustaining that when I’m starting to feel a little low or discouraged there’s someone that’s like, ‘I believe in you; I believe in the Vessel.'”

Jordyn Brummett

And now, they’re almost ready to offer classes (starting this Thursday!). So, let’s take a peek at what it will be like.

The retail space

the vessel
Simply gorgeous. (The Vessel)

The Vessel will have two spaces combined into one—the retail space and the studio space. You’ll enter through the retail side, where Ashlyn and Jordyn will have their new Stoneware Collection on display, as well as their personal works.

The retail space flows into the studio space, where there will be wheels, work tables, tools and, of course, community.

So, whether you’re looking for gifts (hello, holiday season) or looking to learn, The Vessel will be a beautiful place for all things ceramics.

The classes + memberships

the vessel
Are you ready for a class in this beautiful studio? (The Vessel)

The Vessel offers many ways to experience their studio, learn and build community.

  • Courses: These range from the “Try It” Class (just 2.5 hours with no commitment for beginners) to longer 4-, 6-, and 12-week courses.
  • Private Lessons: Want more individualized instruction? Try out private lessons, where you can choose from one-on-one, two-on-one or three-on-one pricing options.
  • Workshops: These workshops are in partnerships with other local small businesses. So far, they’ve done a coffee tasting experience and a candlemaking experience, and they’ve got a floral design experience this Saturday in partnership with Noella’s flowers!
  • Memberships: This is one of the things that makes The Vessel unique. If you sign up for a membership, you have unlimited access to the studio during their open studio hours to practice and build community. Jordyn and Ashlyn liken it to a gym membership!

And if that wasn’t enough, they also offer private events and glaze and kiln services.

How you can get started

Ready to be a part of The Vessel community? The schedule is up, and their soft opening and first classes are this Thursday, November 10. They’ve also got just a few spots left in their first Try It classes this weekend.

You can sign up for any of their classes, workshops or memberships on their website and follow along with them on social media to catch all the latest!

Their grand opening will be Black Friday—and we can’t wait to celebrate with them.

Are you planning on taking a class at The Vessel? Let us know by tagging us on social media @hvilleblast or by using our hashtag #hvilleblast.

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