Thirsty Turtle reopens after 7-month hiatus‚ÄĒeverything you need to know

thirsty turtle
The Thirsty Turtle is back in business. (Thirsty Turtle / Facebook)

The Thirsty Turtle‚ÄĒa popular dive bar serving locals for over 20 years‚ÄĒclosed last summer, and we weren’t sure if they would reopen.

After a seven-month hiatus, we’ve got good news. The Thirsty Turtle is back.

The Thirsty Turtle is back open, awaiting liquor license

thirsty turtle
Guests love their food, too. (Thirsty Turtle / Facebook)

The Thirsty Turtle just announced today that they are open for business‚ÄĒfor the most part.

They’re serving up their bar food and non-alcoholic drinks, but the other drinks will have to wait.

The liquor license is still yet to come, but until then, there’s plenty of reasons to visit. For one, you can see how they’ve remodeled the space. Two, you can grab a darn good burger while you’re there.

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Sarah Gronberg
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