NEW: A North Alabama opossum has predicted an early spring for Groundhog Day

groundhog day
Sand Mountain Sam in all his glory. (McCarley Northway / Hville Blast)

In line with the famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, Sand Mountain Sam has predicted an early spring for 2024.

He’s an opossum from Albertville, and Sand Mountain Sam has predicted the coming of spring on Groundhog Day since 1993, according to

More about Sand Mountain Sam

groundhog day
“Phil who?” (McCarley Northway / Hville Blast)

During his past ten predictions, the famous opossum has called for an early spring eight times.

Opossums are the only marsupial native to North America, and they have a prehensile tail, meaning they can grip and hold things with it.

The friendly, tolerant animals carry fewer diseases than dogs and cats.

Other Groundhog Day predictors

Groundhog Day
Last year’s Cosmo the “GroundDOG” predicted an early spring at Huntsville Animal Services. (City of Huntsville)

Huntsville’s Cosmo the “GroundDOG” also predicted an early spring this morning. He’s a mixed breed who was adopted last night.

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