This ‘people person’ found the key to leveling up her healthcare career in Huntsville


Jada and her coworkers working in healthcare careers in Huntsville
This MHA student is set up for big-time success. (Lacey Muenstermann / Hville Blast)

Jada Brooks’s smile lights up the room when she walks into it. It could be because she’s done pageants her whole life, but there’s also something else to it.

Recently, Jada took her passion for people and leadership to the next level by getting her Master of Health Administration (MHA). Read on to learn about how she plans to grow as a leader in Huntsville.

Finding the key to career + leadership growth

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Meet Jada

Jada Brooks—working in a healthcare career at Huntsville Hospital
Jada Brooks at Huntsville Hospital. (Lacey Muenstermann / Hville Blast)

Originally from Daleville, Alabama, Jada moved to the Rocket City to attend Alabama A&M, where she studied biology. After graduating in 2021, she began her first full-time role in the lab at Huntsville Hospital as a Specimen Processor.

In her free time, she enjoys journaling and trying all the new restaurants opening up in Huntsville.

Discovering the perfect program

Jada working with coworker at Huntsville Hospital
Jada enjoys spending time with her coworkers at Huntsville Hospital. (Lacey Muenstermann / Hville Blast)

After gaining experience in the lab for a couple of years, Jada was eager to continue learning and take her career up a notch. When she came across the University of North Alabama’s (UNA) MHA program, she knew it was the right move and began her studies in March 2023.

“I was attracted to UNA because I heard good things about the university and knew they had competitive programs. I liked how the classes were online, but the campus wasn’t too far away from Huntsville.

Plus, the coursework is as fast-paced or slow as you want it to be; you finish on your own time.”

Jada Brooks

Generally, the MHA takes 12-18 months to complete. Even while working full-time, Jada decided to push herself and take the max number of classes per semester. Impressively, she finished in exactly a year and was in the first-ever cohort of UNA MHA graduates.

“I was working 40 hours per week, but thankfully, UNA and Huntsville Hospital were both very accommodating with my schedule.”

Jada Brooks

Meaningful classes, helpful professors

Jada found every course of the MHA beneficial and loved learning about leadership and business through the lens of a healthcare career. Her favorite class was a leadership class on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

“Throughout my education, I never read a book from front to back until this class. It was one of the first ones I took at UNA, and I absolutely loved it.

My professor excited us about what leadership was and taught us vital management skills, like how to be transparent with your team.”

Jada Brooks

Jada also shared with us that her experience of transitioning from an HBCU to UNA was seamless.

“UNA is very multicultural, and there’s a lot of diversity. Being a woman of color and one of the first two people to graduate from the MHA program shows that the university gives everyone the same opportunity to succeed.”

Jada Brooks

Ready to enhance your leadership skills? Check out UNA’s MHA today.

Advancing her healthcare career in Huntsville

Jada talking on the phone at work at Huntsville Hospital
Jada is looking forward to expanding her leadership skills, thanks to UNA. (Lacey Muenstermann / Hville Blast)

Jada is excited about the resources the MHA will grant her to invest in her career at Huntsville Hospital.

As a Specimen Processor in the lab, she prepares tests the hospital receives from local doctors’ offices before handing them to the lab techs to be run through the machine.

Although Jada has enjoyed the lab, she would love to expand her skills and do more in-person work with patients. Eventually, she would love to take on a leadership role at Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children.

“After completing the MHA, my number one goal as a rising leader is to make employees happy, while always putting the patient first.

The skills I have gained are so valuable; it makes me wish everyone in leadership would get this degree.”

Jada Brooks

Check out the MHA at UNA today

Jada working at Huntsville Hospital with a coworker
The future is bright for Jada. (Lacey Muenstermann / Hville Blast)
  • Key benefit: Develop leadership + business skills needed to give you a competitive advantage in healthcare administration.
  • Time to complete: 12-18 months
  • Convenience: The degree is delivered 100% online in 8-week sessions to provide flexibility for working professionals.
  • Cost: Earn your degree for under $20,000 ($585 per credit hour) with no surprise costs or fees.
  • AACSB accredited, making UNA in the top 5% of business schools worldwide.
  • Your first course is free! Apply today.

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