UNA announces plans for new on-campus stadium

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Bank Independent Stadium will be a multi-purpose, on-campus stadium at UNA. (University of North Alabama)

The University of North Alabama Board of Trustees announced Friday that it has approved a multipurpose on-campus stadium project, and has approved the next steps to design and plan the venue.

The project is in the early stages, but here’s what we know so far:

Bank Independent Stadium

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Here is the timeline for Bank Independent Stadium. (University of North Alabama)

In a unanimous vote Friday, the University of North Alabama Board of Trustees approved an on-campus, multipurpose stadium project, to be named Bank Independent Stadium.

The approval comes amid an outpouring of philanthropic support for the project. University officials confirm that external fundraising will be the core driver for the development of the new facility.

“As a member of the Board who voted to accept the ASUN Conference invitation and move to Division I athletics, it is certainly a milestone for us to be announcing this project. In many ways, our step up into this higher level of competition was a leap of faith. We held a collective belief that it would be beneficial to the University and the community, but we all knew at some point there would need to be greater investment in facilities if we were going to build on this move.”

Will Trapp, President Pro Tempore, UNA Board of Trustees

The stadium is expected to open in either 2026 or 2027, officials said. The design phase of the project is expected to take 12-18 months, according to the university.

More details on the new on-campus stadium

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The new stadium will be built on the UNA campus and is expected to open in 2026 or 2027. (Bham Now)

Here are some more details on Bank Independent Stadium:

  • The design phase of the project is expected to take 12-18 months.
  • The on-campus stadium will be located at the current UNA football practice fields and Mike Lane baseball stadium.
  • The expected capacity is 10,000 seats to increase the capacity in the future.
  • Football, baseball, and soccer are expected to play inside the multi-purpose stadium, along with other events like concerts and conventions.

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