Iced coffee specials — 5 unique drinks you have to try before summer is over

holding a mocha mint blended coffee
All these drinks are sure to make you smile. (Curtis Venetta / Hville Blast)

Now that summer has officially begun, it’s time to try some brand-new menu items from some of Huntsville’s favorite coffee spots. Be sure to order these amazing iced coffee drinks before they leave their respective menus!

1. Citrus Espresso Tonic at Turbo Coffee

citrus espresso tonic
Good vibes and good coffee. (Curtis Venetta / Hville Blast)

This first drink is sure to wake you up — the blend of citrus, coffee and tonic water is perfect for anyone looking for a refreshing fruity flavor with a little bite.

2. Party Prep Co.’s Summer Smoothie Latte at Charlie Foster’s

charlie foster's party prep co. summer smoothie latte iced coffee
It’s party time! (Curtis Venetta / Hville Blast)

Charlie Foster’s and The Party Prep Co. have partnered to bring you this fruity iced latte with hints of blueberry and honey, banana cold foam and a sprinkle of cinnamon. This one tastes just like a party!

3. White Chocolate Macadamia Latte at Dragon’s Forge Cafe

This drink is for all the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie lovers out there. Whipped cream tops this creamy iced coffee flavored with macadamia nut syrup and white chocolate sauce.

4. Mocha Mint at Grounded Coffee

holding mocha mint
Chocolatey deliciousness. (Curtis Venetta / Hville Blast)

Okay, technically this isn’t an iced latte, but it’s cold, it’s coffee and it tastes amazing — so we’ll count it. Chocoholics, get in line for this blended drink with dark chocolate syrup, espresso and mint fudge chips.

5. Banana Split Nitro at Honest Coffee Roasters

banana split nitro iced coffee
Simply amazing. (Lacey Spear / Hville Blast)

Honest Coffee Roasters has brought back its cold foam nitro with a summery twist. Caramel, banana sweet cream and a mocha drizzle come together to make an irresistible drink for the season.

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Curtis Venetta
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