Why relocating to Huntsville was easy for this man + his two adorable dogs


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Brett and his two cute dogs have found the perfect area for them. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

Brett Olson wakes up every morning at 3:30 to walk and play fetch with his two adorable dogs before heading to work. It’s one of his favorite activities, but he would’ve never had the space to do it without finding his ideal home in the Huntsville area.

Read on to learn why Brett moved to the Rocket City, including what made the process super easy.

Amazing job opportunity

Brett—relocating to Huntsville was easy for him
Brett gets to work his dream job in an awesome location because of RealtySouth. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

Brett Olson formerly worked in the oil industry, so he’s no stranger to moving around. But his move to Huntsville wasn’t fueled by oil—Brett relocated to the Rocket City to work in non-destructive testing for Blue Origin.

He works as an NDT Technician, inspecting materials used to build spaceships and other structures to ensure they’re in sound condition.

When Brett accepted his job with Blue Origin, he had not sold his house in Florida yet. So, his employer’s relocation management company—Graebal—connected him with RealtySouth who temporarily set him up in a hotel and scheduled tours of Huntsville-area homes.

Soon after, Brett heard that his house in Florida had sold—he needed to find a Huntsville home fast.

The perfect area

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Relocating to Huntsville was easy for Brett thanks to RealtySouth’s relocation department. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

During the moving process, Brett talked to his RealtySouth agent about the area and community that interested him.

“When moving, it’s important to think about the ideal area for you. I’ve moved enough that I knew I enjoyed being on the outer parts of the city, away from all the traffic.”

Brett Olson

Because of Brett’s desire to live in a quiet area, his RealtySouth agent directed him to New Market, a beautiful and remote town northeast of Huntsville. There he found his dream home—close enough to the Rocket City but away from all the hustle and bustle.

Relocating to Huntsville? RealtySouth’s relocation department can help you find the right area for you.

RealtySouth was a game changer

Brett with dog smiling
Brett and his two pups have found a place they call home. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

In order for Brett to be introduced to RealtySouth, Blue Origin’s relocation management company—Graebal—had to choose to work with them over other brokerages.

“Relocation management companies are the middleman between employers and real estate brokerages. They have hundreds of options, and they choose RealtySouth.”

Jonathan Cohen, Vice President of Relocation + Business Strategy, RealtySouth

Brett has moved a lot, but nothing compares to the premier resources RealtySouth provided.

“Part of the relocation package included moving services, so everything was boxed up for me and loaded on the truck. After I closed on the house, they set me up in an apartment for 30 days and secured a storage unit for me. Once I was ready to move in, they delivered all my items to the house.”

Brett Olson

Whether you’re moving to Huntsville for work or other reasons, RealtySouth’s relocation department can help—check out how.

The relocation department is top notch

Big Spring Park
Relocating to Huntsville is easy when you work with the industry leaders. (Village Fox Media / Hville Blast)

According to Brett, relocating with RealtySouth is a no brainer. Check out their relocation services by the numbers:

  • Largest relocation division in Alabama
  • Trusted partner of 329 companies
  • Preferred supplier for 98% of companies in the relocation industry
  • 4,190 individuals + families served in 2022
  • $180 million closed in sales by the relocation division in 2022
  • 100 years of combined industry experience amongst relocation staff members

“When I go to national conferences, people know who we are, and they respect us. They know we are always going to do the right thing.”

Jonathan Cohen, Vice President of Relocation + Business Strategy, RealtySouth

Relocating to Huntsville doesn’t have to be difficult and intimidating. RealtySouth can provide you with unbeatable care and services today!

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